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Discover Providenciales (Provo)

Providenciales (Provo) was named the Traveler’s Choice #1 island in the Caribbean by TripAdvisor in 2014, and with miles of beautiful beaches, adventurous water activities of all kinds, and a plenitude of 5 star restaurants, it is easy to see why! Providenciales is the most populous island in the Turks and Caicos and the location of the main international airport (code PLS). Tip to tip, Provo stretches 23 miles from West to East, with world famous Grace Bay Beach extending along the North shore from the central Turtle Cove Marina to the Northeast for around 10 miles. Most of the island hotels and resorts are located on this stretch of beach, with many luxury villas located in the walk-friendly neighborhood of Turtle Cove.


Provo is what a lot of places used to be. These are the ‘good old days’ in Provo. In addition to the good living and good times awaiting you here, you will additionally be pleased to know there is no sales tax, no property tax, and no income tax, and although the country is a British Overseas Territory, the US dollar is the official currency. The topography too is just right. The island is not too flat nor too mountainous, but gently rolling with views of the sea from just about anywhere you go.


Go to a beach and you will find the sand to be white as sugar, typically with the only footprints in the sand being your own! Go snorkeling in gin clear waters and see fish and coral containing all the colors of a Provo sunset. Scuba diving too can provide underwater scenery like nowhere else, for here the diving is regarded as among the best in the world; likewise for bone fishing with flats, coves and holes almost certain to make your reel sing on the first cast. And there’s easy fishing inside the reef where you will bring back snapper and jack, or try your luck in the deep blue for wahoo, tuna, and marlin. By land there’s tennis, golf, shopping, sightseeing, exploring, and numerous good restaurants set in lush tropical surroundings.


There is no shortage of beauty by land or water in Provo. With a great variety of native seabirds and even birds of prey. You can also take a short boat ride to Little Water Cay, otherwise known as Iguana Island, which is maintained and protected by the National Trust. If you’re one of those people who always finds it a shame when the sun goes down on a beautiful day, you’ll find a beautiful Provo sunset more than adequate compensation!


The nights here are clear, so clear in fact, a quarter moon casts a shadow and a full moon lights up the entire landscape. Entertainment at night is mostly the person you are with; however, some of the restaurants and hotels now have live entertainment on certain nights. Provo has supermarkets, liquor stores, doctors, lawyers, car rentals, churches, sailboat excursions, restaurants, and a large jet runway. Of course, some other islands may have these amenities too, but few will have the friendly people and kindness found in these islands. Right now Provo is an unspoiled sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of today’s pace.

A Few Words from Our Guests
  • We stayed with you guys last year also in Ballyhoo and had a great time, this is our 4th year in a row and we are very happy with TC villas!
  • I have been down to TCI 5 times booking at different villas, but I have to say TCI villa offers the most competitive pricing and I like the fact that your properties are mostly located on the oceanfront. Thank you!
  • We’ve been clients of TC Villas for 13 years and have enjoyed renting in various villas in different locations on the island. We always have felt safe and secure in these rentals and any \”whim\” was responded to in record time. Thumbs up to Dinesh for her warm welcome and willingness to be at our service. Our 3 weeks flew by with record speed and we will be returning in 2019 for a \”larger slice of paradise\”
  • From the first contact to the last TC Villas was outstanding! I have NO complaints at all. Very well run organization even when you encounter two hurricanes. You have all done an awesome job! I thank you very much for making my job of organizing our trip so easy.
    Laurie at Villa Cascade
  • This was our first time with TC Villas. I am completely happy. Linda and Kerry were very helpful while we were on property. Very friendly and knowledgeable people. Thank you for everything. We will definitely use TC Villas again.
    Mr. Caputo
  • Based on our 11 years of experience, we\’ve recommended TC Villas to many friends. Several have already rented. Our most recent recommendation happened last weekend. We try to keep Indianapolis people coming your way.
    Bruce and Cheri
  • Good experience from start to finish with the TC Villas team. Looking forward to our next booking with them.
    New York
  • It was great dealing with TC Villas. I had contacted several other rental companies in TC and Jamaica during my search. TC was the only company that responded promptly. I will keep you guys in mind for future travel. Thanks!
  • Can’t thank everyone at TC Villas for their responsiveness and assistance in getting our stay set up. Everything about the villa was top notch: location, condition, amenities, etc. We will definitely be recommending TC Villas to our friends and family!
  • Everything we needed and much more. Just like being at home!! Will definitely recommend TC Villas!!
    The Woodlands

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