Warm weather vs Cold weather

4 Stunning Vacation Spots to Escape the New York Cold

Warm weather vs Cold weather


When Winter has Arrived and You Want to Stay Warm


The end of the year is a hectic time of party planning, gift giving, and food preparation that can quickly squeeze the “merry” out of your Holiday. Winter festivities come with their flurry of activity, leave you spent, and then fade into the long deep-freeze. If you’ve ever felt like this then maybe it is time you consider taking a break from the cold. Spending a holiday vacation somewhere with sunshine and warm starry evenings is just what you need to avoid the winter blues. 

There is no shortage of warm locales to fly South to, but you want to spend your vacation somewhere that caters to a warm relaxing stylish vacation. Exclusive beaches, boutique shopping, and high-quality dining are a must. With that in mind, here are five exciting winter vacation spots that will liven your heart as they warm your toes.

Providenciales (Provo), Turks and Caicos
Flight Time from New York:
3hr 30min (JFK Airport to Providenciales)


This choice is a little biased but we’re going to put it in anyway because we (and TripAdvisor) truly believe it’s one of the top places in the world to be, particularly during the winter time.


Turks and Caicos Drone Footage


In a time when many of the old world Caribbean vacation rentals are being consumed by all-inclusive hotels and fast food chains, a vacation in the Turks and Caicos is a refreshing reminder of the wonderful families and communities that made these islands a destination for jet-setters the whole world over. Visitors to Provo can spend a week at a private beachfront villa and experience this unique island. Here, you can escape the cold by digging your toes into the brilliant white sands of pristine beach like Grace Bay Beach, Long Bay Beach, Sapodilla Bay Beach, Taylor Bay Beach, and many others!


Villa Castaway View from TC Villas

(Villa Castaway)


Experience the best of an intimate private vacation while enjoying the beautiful nature of The Turks and Caicos Islands. The reefs along Provo are renowned for their fishing and diving opportunities which feature natural coves and blue holes brimming with aquatic life. You can hop a boat to Little Water Cay where you will enjoy a protected Caribbean landscape in all its natural glory. Evenings are filled with wonder as Provo’s remote location allows for a view of the night sky which is almost entirely lost anywhere else. The locals boast that even the quarter moon is bright enough to cast shadows after the fiery sunset has died down. If you are looking for a true winter escape from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, a vacation in the Turks and Caicos is it.

The Turks and Caicos is a former British colony that has taken on tourism as it’s #1 source of economy.  It is a Caribbean island that thrives on providing a luxury experience to each of it’s visitors. You won’t find a place quite like it that blends the first-class amenities of luxury with the existing surrounding nature’s classic beauty.

Turks and Caicos Beach


Don’t forget to take one of the Potcake pups out for a walk while you’re there! Taken in as strays from the street, each walk you take them out on helps acclimate them to human contact and helps them towards being one step closer for adoption.

PotcakePlace Dog Walking on Beach

(photo courtesy of ktrstyle)

Hermitage Bay, Antigua
Flight Time from New York:
4hr 20min (JFK Airport to Antigua)

Antigua has long been one of the premier destinations for winter-weary travelers to seek refuge from the cold in style. Hermitage Bay, built in a natural cove on the southwestern edge of the island, is the crown jewel of this tropical paradise. The region’s ethos is dedicated to both your physical comfort and to fostering your inner well-being.




Surrounded by some of the clearest waters on the planet, the tropical gardens of Hermitage Bay’s resorts are nestled into the hillside break on the beaches lining the Caribbean Sea. There you will find all of the standard amenities of any great tropical destination, including gym and tennis courts, fishing, sailing, SCUBA lessons, and other water sports. But Hermitage Bay really sets itself apart is in its culinary tradition. Most of the food it offers is organic produce which is grown right on the island. There are even cooking courses so you can take a taste of the Caribbean home with you.


Scuba Diving in Antigua

Maui, Hawaii
Flight Time from New York:
~12 – 18hr with a Connecting Flight (JFK Airport to Maui).


Hawaii has always played host to the classic American winter vacation. Its rich culture and world-class beaches, set against a backdrop of volcanic intrigue, are its signature draws. Many of the resorts are built with this ethos in mind, featuring an Alfresco design that welcomes the natural beauty of the island into your suite.


Maui Beaches


The island contains a solarium which will keep you warm as you lounge in the lagoon pool built right into the glass. You can take walks along the volcanic beach, sampling the fragrances of exotic flowers while enjoying the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Excellent restaurants and boutique shopping are just minutes away from your suite at Lahaina’s world-famous Front Street open-air market.

There’s no shortage of fun to be had on this gorgeous volcanic island.

Activities in Maui

Flight Time from New York:
20hr + with a Connecting Flight (JFK Airport to Fiji)

While it’s a bit of  a trek to get there, Fiji is a cultural hub of Polynesia worth visiting. When you are seeking refuge from the cold and frenetic activity of early-winter, a place whose motto is “The home our travelers wish they had.” This is an ideal spot to warm up not just with the weather but with the people. The island-nation of Fiji is steeped in the richness of its local culture. Here you will find delicacies sourced right from the soil and Polynesian ceremonies to enthrall your every sense.


Fijian Ceremony


You will be invited to partake in the ancient Kava root tea ceremony, while island drums sound the call to various daily festivities. Classes in the music and dance tradition, known as Meke, will have you feeling like you are a native part of the island. Village choirs put on a show each Sunday, showcasing the genuine and intimate local culture which serves as the backbone of Fiji’s resort ambiance.


Fijian people making kava

Start planning your winter getaway today with a TC Villas Specialist. We offer villas on this one island only and know each and every property like the back of our hand! Speak to someone who has seen the villa, stepped on the beach, and swam in those waters. Give us a call at 1-877-4674858 and visit our website at www.tcvillas.com. We look forward to chatting with you about this wonderful island!

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