6 Tips for a Romantic Getaway

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A romantic getaway is a great break from the  daily routine. Work, family, and other responsibilities will usually take priority over romance, so planning that next vacation is crucial. In fact, this getaway can renew your love for one another as you concentrate on only each other for several days. Try out the following tips to experience a romantic vacation any time of the year.

Reserve Paradise

A romantic getaway shouldn’t be filled with crowds and busy lodging. As a treat for your significant other, reserve a villa in paradise. A tropical backdrop is always the perfect choice for couples who want some time to themselves. Look for a private villa that will best fit your needs. The property might have a luxurious pool, soaking tub, or huge master suite. If your schedule is flexible and you can travel last minute, check out special discounted weeks. At many villas, you pay by the week. Use this weeklong time to really focus on one another as the romance gets under way.

Pack the Unexpected

A surprise gift is a clever way to start a romantic vacation. A beautiful necklace, new book, or another item can be packed away before the trip even starts. Your loved one will be thrilled to see this gift, which will only create more intimacy during your adventure. A swimsuit or new dress is another unexpected gift option as well. Couples can use these gifts as they settle into the villa. The residence will essentially become your home away from home, a perfect setting to re-connect and unwind.

Plan the Meals

Use the villa’s expansive kitchen to explore your culinary side. Make the meals together as you find a way to combine both of your talents. As an alternative, head out to the town where you can enjoy meals at top restaurants. It’s a good idea to make reservations f you prefer to eat during peak dinner hours. Planning most of your meals beforehand takes the effort out of your getaway so you can focus on romance.

Create a Surprise

Every couple dreams of engaging in adventurous activities while on vacation, such as paddle boarding or chartering a yacht. One member of the couple can surprise the other one with a dream activity. Tell her that you chartered a yacht by hiding a captain’s hat in the villa. When she finds it, she’ll instantly know that a trip of a lifetime is about to begin. Hide snorkeling gear or other items that indicate fun and excitement. Your getaway can be defined by these eclectic surprises.

Bring the Celebratory Drinks

Your romantic getaway doesn’t have any traditional rules. Try out different wines, champagnes, and other liquors as desired. These toasts, however, don’t have to be alcoholic in nature. Sparkling water poured into tall glasses as you look out over an infinity pool is extremely romantic as you bask in the glow of your surroundings. Be true to yourselves as you take your relationship to another level.

Break Habits

The best part of being on a romantic getaway is a chance to break monotonous habits and surprise each other with spontaneity. If your wife typically does all the cooking, why not take this opportunity to become the master chef of the team for a few nights? Try new activities or read the same book together so you can discuss new topics. Surprise each other with poetry, games or a midnight swim. Mixing it up is a great way to revamp even the strongest of relationships!

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Relaxing island surroundings are just what you need to keep the romance alive. Make this private getaway an annual tradition so that love continues to be your priority. Rent a breathtaking villa when your schedules permit. 

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