7 Reasons to Choose the Caribbean


7 reasons to choose the caribbean


Location, location, location. Picking the right destination for a vacation is cay (pun fully intended), so why should you pick a Caribbean getaway?

Does a trip with a full schedule sound fun, or is a day of relaxation and a loose “lets do lunch later” appeal to the group? Here are 7 reasons to choose the Caribbean:

  1. Clothing: Leave the iron at home. No need to wear stockings or ties, stilettos or suspenders; when you’re island-side, a wet bathing suit is casual, and a dry one is formal. (Some restaurants do have a dress code.) Bust out your best embarrassing island shirt Dads, and ladies make sure you remember the hats, sunblock, and water shirts for the kids.
  2. There are few things salt water can’t cure. The beautiful blue water changes from deep blue to crystal aqua depending on the position of the sun, and the feel of the cool water and sand beneath your toes kisses those woes good bye!
  3. Short Distance/Many Direct Flights: There are many direct flights to Providenciales, including from Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, London, Montreal, and Toronto…. Spend the last hour of the flight looking down on the incredible blue Caribbean Sea!
  4. Do you speak English? Would you like to visit a place that also speaks English? Providenciales is a place where your bad Spanish and horrible high-school French is not necessary, and no little translation dictionaries needed (as long as you can roll with the Caribbean dialect.) English with a fun Caribbean tilt makes the fun times funner.
  5. US$ accepted on the island, and most restaurants and shops accept credit cards.
  6. Are you a water sports fanatic, or have you always wanted to try paddle boarding, glass bottom kayaks, deep sea fishing, or riding a horse into the water? All these activities and so much more are available in Provo, check out our activity blogs to find out more!
  7. Are you NOT a water sports fanatic? For those who think the best vacation is one with a chair and a book, a laid back holiday is also great in Provo. Guests to this amazingly beautiful island can really do as much or as little as they want.




TC Villas offers beachfront vacation rental villas on the island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. You can find our villas at www.tcvillas.com. Contact TC Villas at at info@tcvillas.com to book your perfect beachfront vacation villa! You can also reach us by phone from 9-5 EST at 1.877.467.4858.

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