A Few Simple Tips to Reduce Your Environmental Impact Whilst Visiting Provo:

If you care about the environment and you also love to travel, there are some really easy ways that you can be greener while visiting Provo:

Pack lighter – this may seem insignificant, but packing light has a huge environmental impact. If your bag is lighter, it means the plane will weigh up to 50lbs less; the bus or car you ride or drive will be just as light. Each one of these changes means the fuel consumption will also be less.

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Use a reusable water bottle to avoid plastic bottles, which account for a lot of waste.

Use environmentally friendly bug spray. Here is an option you can buy online or purchase on the island at Lemon 2 Go (BONUS: it was invented by Army Veterans!).

Use reef safe sunscreen. I know we all love a good spray sun screen, but in order to keep the ocean safe for all that live in it, you need to use a reef safe sun screen. Several are recommended here.

Here is a sunscreen recommended for kids and it’s only 3oz so you can pop it in a carry on.

Things To Do When Staying in Sapodilla Bay.

Bring a UV rash guard. This means less sun screen and less sun burns! Learn more here.

Limit energy use. This includes your use of air-conditioning and hot water. Turn off all lights and taps when you leave your room.

Respect the local environment. Stay on trails and public footpaths; do not remove plants or feed animals, and make sure to always throw any trash in the garbage.

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And finally, enjoy the beauty that Turks and Caicos offers. There is so much to see and enjoy on this island!

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