Beach Spotlight: Long Bay Beach

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Providenciales has no shortage of incredible beaches. The predominant blue hue is a common denominator on all four shores. Having said that, between each of Provo’s beaches, there are nuances in terms of the experience you’ll get. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the subtle attributes that make Long Bay Beach one of the top spots in the whole of Turks & Caicos.

1- Location

Villa Isla and Aguaribay featured along the shoreline.

Long Bay Beach is located on the southern shore of Providenciales. This shore is entirely residential and has the least boating restrictions. This means a couple of things. First off, it offers a comparatively more private experience -making it ideal for families looking for a relaxing time under the Caribbean sun and gentle trade winds. It also makes for the best spot if you’re keen on water sports, since boats and jet skis can come right onto the shore (if needed), and most of the companies offering water sports are also located on this part of the island.

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2- Privacy

Beach Villa Shambhala‘s paradisiacal views to Long Bay Beach.

None of Providenciales’ beaches are crowded or anywhere near busy for that matter. However, because the majority of hotels and resorts are located on Grace Bay, you’re likely to find more tourists walking up and down the beach there than on some other beaches, like Long Bay Beach, for instance. Our point is, if privacy is the most important factor for your then perhaps a beach like Long Bay or Leeward would best fulfill your expectations. 

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3- Transportation

Conched Out (featured in the middle) comfortably fits up to 14 guests.

Picking a beach like Long Bay Beach definitely has pros, but it’s not without cons! The only one we can think of is that you need a car if you’re staying in this part of the island. This is the price to pay for the added privacy and seclusion. Don’t worry though, rental cars are abundant, readily available, and surprisingly cheap. Plus, the typical ETA is 10-15 min, as the island is fairly small. 

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4- Sunrise

Villa Isla‘s pool & lounging area, to the left you’ll find a staircase straight to Long Bay Beach.

Watching the sun rise over the east can be a magical experience anywhere in the Caribbean. But Long Bay Beach offers a particularly great vantage point for this. All our villas on this shore have uninterrupted views to the horizon. You and your loved ones can enjoy an absolutely serene start to the day whilst the ocean changes tones as the rising sun elevates.

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5- Water Sports

Mark from WakeToWake Water-sports making it look easy!

If you’re traveling with adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers then Long Bay Beach is the place to be. They’ll have readily accessible options for kite & windsurfing, jet skiing, sports fishing, tubing…you can even fly water-propelled hoverboards! Needless to say, you will find the activity to suit your adrenaline tolerance. This isn’t the case for other beaches as they are protected, meaning boats can’t come in close enough to the shore. 

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6- Spacious villas

Aguaribay‘s sun bed directly over looks the surrounding tropical paradise.

Our luxury villas on this part of the island comfortably fit anywhere from 8-14 guests. So if you’re traveling with large groups, Long Bay Beach can be a nice fit. Considering you won’t run out of fun things to do or stunning tropical sights, you can’t go wrong with Long Bay Beach.

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