The Best Gadgets to bring on a Beach Vacation

Gadgets for your Beach Vacation

When visiting the beach, it doesn’t have to be all about sunscreen and towels. In fact, there are many gadgets that could be ideal while basking in the sun on beautiful sands. Whether you’re looking to be practical or want to get more out of the experience, the right devices can make a difference. Before you pack your bags and take off on an amazing excursion to the shore, consider taking some of these gadgets with you.

Ultraviolet Monitor

An ultraviolet monitor will sense the intensity of UV rays. Complete with digital temperature readouts and an easy-to-understand display, you can take a quick glance to determine if you have enough protection from the sun’s radiation. Most of these are waterproof and can be used as a timer to make sure you don’t spend too much time in direct sunlight.

Sunscreen Towelettes

Sunscreen towelettes are handy in many ways. The small packaging does not pose a problem going through airport security, and the towelettes themselves are easy to apply. Some will also be made with an insect repellent as well as UV protection. The effective duration will be dependent on the manufacturer, but some may have a four-hour lifespan.

Metal Detector

Many people will pack up their metal detectors for a beach vacation. While most will have the hopes of locating pirate treasure, many will find some of the oddest trinkets within the sand. Although some treasures have been found at the beach with a metal detector, other objects, such as keys or even dog tags, can give you a story to envision. Who knows, you might even find an antique object that becomes a family heirloom.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Whether you’re engrossed in a friendly game of poker or by yourself playing solitaire, nothing ruins the game faster than the water soaking the deck. Waterproof playing cards can help keep your beach vacation fun without damaging that collector’s edition deck you may have. These cards come in a variety of styles and can survive being submerged without being ruined.

Scuba Mask Camera

There may be no doubt that you’re looking to take a few shots of your beach vacation on your smartphone. Why not snap a few pictures while under the water? Scuba masks have evolved to the point where you can take amazing HD imagery while diving in. Bring back shots taken of the marine life. Some mask cameras are even equipped with underwater spot lights allowing you to see while shooting regardless of how dark it becomes.

A Vacation Safe

When getting ready to take a dip in the water, you want to make sure your valuables are well protected. This is where a vacation safe comes into play. These small units often come equipped with combination locks and secured cabling to attach to tables or chairs. Some of these products are inexpensive to buy and are waterproof. Keep your smartphones, watches and car keys are protected at all times.

Umbrella Shelter

All-weather umbrella shelters are nice to have on hand in case the sun gets to be too much to handle. Side flaps unfold and anchor to the sand to give you a more complete experience for shading. As some of these units provide wind vents, the risk of a gust toppling the unit is greatly reduced. You won’t have to spend your beach vacation chasing down your umbrella.

Foldable Beach Wagon

Instead of making trips back and forth across the sand, a foldable beach wagon may be the perfect vessel to carry your stuff. This unit condenses to a small size and can be expanded to reveal pockets galore. Equipped with a handle, pull your beach vacation goodies instead of struggling to carry everything.

These are only some of the fun things that can make the beach vacation more engaging. From practical to playful, there are many gadgets for the beach that can enhance your amazing vacation.


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