Corporate Retreats in Turks & Caicos

Villa Alamandra comfortably fits 8 guests and offers the ideal spot for a retreat.

From large fortune 500 companies to new kick-starter businesses, corporate retreats are making a comeback now that the world’s economy is on the rise. Retreats have helped many successful companies increase employee moral, promote teamwork, project productivity, and business solutions.  These excursions can help to address current challenges to an industry but also predict future obstacles to overcome. Here are a few misconceptions about corporate retreats:

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Too much fun: The employees will be less productive and treat the trip like a holiday.

Solution: Organize clear tasks and schedules for the retreat, and include designated time for R&R. It should be clear to employees what the goals and targeted decisions are!

Distractions: The change in scenery will draw attention away from purpose.

Solution: Actually, many businesses agree that a change in scenery can actually increase productivity and facilitate innovative and creative ideas. Let’s say your company is facing a new competitor which could decrease profits;  getting out of the office and into a new environment could inspire a whole new strategy!

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Why Turks and Caicos?

Beachfront Aquazure offers direct access to a nearly private beach.

The Caribbean is a great place to get the creative juices flowing and get that much needed vitamin D.  With non-stop flights to Providenciales (the main island with the international airport – code “PLS”) from many US and Canadian cities, you can not only thank your varsity employees with the #1 island in the world (according to Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2015 award), but also inspire and attract new talent.

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How do I begin planning a Corporate Retreat?

Idea Fit and Huffington Post have great articles on planning productive corporate retreats! TC Villas offers several 5-7 bedroom villas able to accommodate up to 14 guests for your small retreat. We are happy to refer to excursions, restaurants, chefs, and great activities to promote teamwork. Call +1 787.318.8410 for more info!

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