COVID19 Travel Regulations: Turks & Caicos

Similarly to its neighboring (island) nations, Turks & Caicos have announced new travel regulations for visitors looking to spend a week in paradise. A concept that has never sounded more appealing, considering current global circumstances.

Special Entry Requirements 

• For your peace of mind, All visitors will be required to have a negative COVID19 test result in advance of travel and the good news is there is no quarantine required! 

• The Turks & Caicos is also requiring travel insurance that covers COVID19. If you do not have a travel insurance company you normally work with, you can find some options here. It costs about $30 a person and they will issue a “Visa Letter” which indicates you meet the COVID19 coverage requirements.

• For ease of entry, the test results and your Visa Letter should be uploaded to an app called TCI Assured (soon to be released). The government will review your documents prior to arrival and issue a “TCI Assured” badge which you will flash to the customs officer on arrival. This will get you through as quickly as possible and on your way to rum punches at da Conch Shack!! 

Social isolation made appealing.

Notes about the COVID19 test

The test should be a PCR test and should be taken within 72 hours of your arrival. We realize that in some areas 72 hours may not be enough time to get a test, the government is aware of this and has advised that those unable to get a test prior to departure will be tested on arrival. In this case, you will be asked to quarantine at your villa until the results are back (the Minister of Health has indicated results will be delivered within 24 hours).

You are probably a pro at sheltering in place by now, and we bet this will be the happiest place you have ever sheltered in place. Pro tip – it Is a good idea to bring some snacks and meals with you if you will be sheltering in place on your 1st day. If you would like some provisions at the villa please contact us (don’t wait till the last minute!) and we will connect you with a provisioning service on the island. 

We suggest you get the PCR test in advance if you can. If you google “COVID PCR test” and your city or state name, you should have some results. You can also try “drive through COVID PCR test” with your city or state name. 

Cleanliness, privacy, and seclusion.

What to expect when you arrive on island

• We are happy to announce that most restaurants, shops, and activities are open! The island will not be very busy initially and I think it will be a great experience to be one of the first to return.

• Masks are required in public and there is a $200 fine for non-compliance. “Public” is not currently defined and the general consensus is this means a public place such as a grocery store, coffee shop, etc. In our understanding and in practice, you are not required to wear a mask on the beach, walking down the street, on the boat you charter, etc. However, if you take a group sunset cruise with others, not in your traveling party then a mask would be required

• Any staff at your villa will be wearing a mask and will exercise proper sanitation procedures.  

**Please Note – TC Villas is not in any way affiliated with, nor do we endorse this travel insurance company. We have no experience with them whatsoever and we have no feedback to share. Please do your own research. This is the only company we have found that covers COVID19 and they will issue a COVID19 Visa Letter as required for entry into the Turks & Caicos.  Coverage is available to US residents only. 

We know this is a hassle, but remember why you are coming. This is heaven on earth and you deserve this escape. I send my sincere thanks being a pioneer and supporting the island and our little company. We love what we do and we greatly appreciate you. Thanks for reading and we look forward to welcoming you soon! We will be in touch with more updates as we have them. Please let us know if you have any questions in the meanwhile. We are here to help. 

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