Is the Water in Turks & Caicos Really that Blue?

The Turks and Caicos Islands are world famous for the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, but are the photos really showcasing the correct colors of the water? Are photos depicting gorgeous turquoise hues of endless sea views accurately portraying what you’ll see on island?

Conch Beach Villa -3Br Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach.

In a word, no. The photos you see online of the waters will be nothing like witnessing the Caribbean waters of the Turks and Caicos in person, because being there is so much better! Smelling the salt air, feeling the gentle breeze on your face, running your fingers through the powder white sand, squishing the wet sand underfoot, hearing the pleasant rhythm of lapping waters, and tasting the salt on your lips after a dip in the sea all immeasurably add to the true Turks and Caicos beach experience.

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Beach Villa Tamarind offers immediate access to world renowned -Grace Bay Beach.

So what determines how crystal blue the sea is, island to island, and why are some waters so much clearer than others?

One reason the waters hold such a spectacular hue is that the water absorbs all light waves except light blue, thus making our eyes see it when viewing the water. The waters are also clean and free of sediment, which can make it murky in areas with more rainwater runoff or muddier soils. The Caribbean coasts have a tendency to scatter sunlight and this, combined with the fact that the sand is light colored and the water is relatively shallow, also makes the water appear turquoise. Combine that with the reflection of the happy clear blue skies overhead, you have the perfect recipe for wonderful blue waters.

JoJo the Dolphin making one of his usual appearances.

The clarity of the water makes these islands perfect for underwater exploration, including scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and boating. Sea turtles, manta rays, lobster, conch, countless fish, dolphins, and even whales can be easily seen even when 20+ feet under water!

Dani, our villa specialist on her first trip to Provo!

Quote from TC Villas Specialist Dani: “I remember my first trip to the island in 2013; we set out on paddle boards around 10 am on Thompson Cove. I was dumbfounded at how clear the water was; I was floating on 10-15 feet deep water and could see every grain of sand on the sea floor! Suddenly about 15 sea turtles zoomed beneath me, chasing each other in a line. It was the most beautiful water I had ever seen, and remains so today after much Caribbean travel!”

Villa Isla sitting beachfront to Long Bay Beach.

Quote from TC Villas Guest Megan Klutz: “Flying into the Turks and Caicos Islands, your first impression is the sparkling blue waters. The water seemed to wink at me, beckoning me to swim and play! My favorite spot was swimming on Taylor Bay at sunset.”

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When planning your trip to Turks and Caicos, be sure to arrange for time on the water. Sunset sails are available every Friday night aboard the Atabeyra, or you can take an unforgettable kayaking or paddle boarding tour to the Mangrove Island with Big Blue Collective. Be sure to try snorkeling too! Parasailing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, and boating are other great ways to enjoy the blue waters as well. 

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