Post-COVID travel: Vacation in isolation

International travel cannot resume soon enough! When it does, it’ll be a new normal. Privacy and cleanliness will likely form the 1st stage in the filtering process. Destinations away from the crowds will be much more sought after and so will the private villa experience. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the villas offering the most privacy. 

Villa Alamandra

Built on a cliffside overlooking the ocean on the Silly Creek neighborhood, this 4 bedrooms estate grants guests added privacy through its layout and location. Alamandra is set away from the destinations most frequently visited by tourists, such as Grace Bay Beach -it even features its very own private dock!

Guests are welcome to arrange a boat tour and be picked up right from your “backyard”! 

The villa itself is structured into separated pavilions, which are completely surrounded (at the rear) with beautifully curated greenery -leaving only incredible ocean views to the south and lush tropical landscaping in the background. The open concept living and cliffside location intensify the Caribbean trade winds -making this a perfectly breezy place to call home for a week. 

With only one neighbor in proximity, chances are everyone within sight will be a welcomed member of your party. As far as things to do, this villa is equipped for fun so that you never have to leave its premises. The private (heated saltwater) pool offers plenty of lounging areas (covered and uncovered) for guests to call their own. A kayak (2 seaters) is also typically available for your enjoyment -more can be easily arranged. From your private dock, you can take on a kayaking adventure or simply relax on the sunbed whilst listening to the gentle lapping of the waves. Don’t forget to take a dip in the warm Turks & Caicos sea!

COVID19 Travel Regulations

Guests will also enjoy the luxury of daily housekeeping and a villa attendant (optional) who will clean and prepare breakfast -groceries must be provided by the guest. The local IGA offers an excellent selection of goods and guests are welcome to procure delivery services from a local provider of such services.

Beachfront Villa Aquazure

Located in the exclusive Leeward neighborhood, this 4 bedrooms beachfront was built for a cozy, luxurious, and private beach vacation. The layout is perfect for families or groups of friends looking to spend most of their time within the premises of the villa. The open concept living invites guests to spend time outside through stunning views from inside the house. Once outside, the covered beach patio delivers the full tropical experience. There, you’ll find an inviting private pool sitting within steps to the beach. Guests will also enjoy the comfort of lounge chairs & sofas, an outdoor dining table for 8, 12 beach/pool chairs, and a BBQ grill for grilling lobster and freshly caught fish.

Pro Tip: Provo’s waters are teeming with marine life. On a daily basis, you’ll find fishermen delivering their catch. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your hands on some of the most delicious seafood any of us have ever tasted!

Two kayaks are usually available for your enjoyment -more can always be arranged! Taking an early morning kayaking trip to the nearby mangroves can be tons of fun! The sunrise in this part of the island is nothing short of magical -the way the light bounces off the calm water seems to intensify the already incredible colors. Highly recommended! 

Villa MaryJane

One of the newest additions to our repertoire, this completely remodeled home provides guests one of the most private settings available. Located in the secluded neighborhood of Villas at Blue Mountain, MaryJane makes it possible to be in isolation and still call it a vacation. 

Sample Itinerary: A Trip to Provo with the family in tow

One of the greatest perks of staying at this villa is that you can enjoy a small pocket beach inaccessible by passing tourists. It’s important to note that this beach can come and go with the (unpredictable) tide -the private pool, however, is always there. The outdoor patio features a dining table for 8, two hanging black swing chairs, many loungers, and two sofas -everyone will have their own favorite lounging spot! The BBQ grill also offers tons of fun for the lucky chef in your party -don’t worry, the views from this spot make it a desirable job!

For added safety & security, this villa is backed up by a power generator, alarm system, a safe in every bedroom, and two gates (road and villa). 

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