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Beachfront Villa Aquazure featured in this image, sits beachfront on Leeward Beach.

My fiance and I had been looking to plan a vacation together for a while prospecting some tropical locations for the perfect one. When we saw the pictures of the powdery white sand and the ombre blue waters, we were sold. After doing a little bit of research, we noticed that TC Villas was highly recommended all over the internet, we made our booking and from start to finish we were blown away by how accommodating and helpful the entire TC Villas staff was.

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Everything was absolutely perfect when we arrived, and the photos of the beaches didn’t do justice to them in person. We were told that every area of the island had distinctive water tones and personalities and we made it our mission to see all of them because we couldn’t believe such a small island could be so beautiful in so many different ways. We used the blog posts on the website to learn as much as we could about the different beaches and which ones we wanted to check out first and set off. I’d tell you our favorite but it’s probably best whoever is reading this goes out and explores the same.

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The people were incredible, such a kind and warming community! It really felt like home away from home, if home was on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The island really does have a special atmosphere to it, and one that we found ourselves missing when we were home. I already planned the trip back!

PS. Thank you, TC Villas, for teaching us about Lemon 2 Go! Best coffee on the island before.

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