Top 6 reasons to visit Turks & Caicos

Those of us lucky enough to travel regularly can attest to its many benefits on the mind, body and soul. The conclusion is simple  -Life is short, so take more holidays! Today, we’re here to talk about a magical, relatively unknown tropical paradise ↝ Turks & Caicos (and why you should care). 

Here are the top 10 reasons to visit the Turks & Caicos Islands.

1- Grace Bay Beach

-Grace Bay Beach was voted #1 beach in the world by Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. Yea, don’t even worry about it. Now, this should come to no surprise to anyone that’s previously experienced the true tropical paradise that is Grace Bay -but to those of you who haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Grace Bay Beach features miles on end of white sands, surreal crystal clear waters, and the kind of sunset that made Brendan Fraser cry in Bedazzled (2000, film). Add to that, the water temperature ranges from 82℉ to 84℉ -on a normal summer day! So, a dip in the surf can feel like a warm bath. Now you might be thinking -“if this is such a great spot, then it must be overcrowded for sure”. Wrong! Because of its relative obscurity, Turks & Caicos offers the most private tropical experience on the market. Which brings us to our next point.

-No crowds! Half the people you talk to won’t even know where Providenciales is! Because of this (and many other reasons of course) many celebrities own homes here and choose Providenciales over its overly crowded  alternatives. So yea, you might just catch a wild Bruce Willis in a speedo.

-Let’s face it, the relaxing vibe and serene scenes are not for everyone. Some of us identify as the more adventurous type and couldn’t possibly care less about celebrities in bikinis or working on our collective tans. For those of you thrill seekers out there, the islands offer a repertoire of activities that would worry 8 out of 10 grandmas worldwhide. Also, activities apt for all ages, skill levels, and adrenaline tolerance. All the way from scuba diving, snorkelling and surfing, to the more exhilarating wind surfing, wake-boarding and cliff jumping! You can check out WaketoWake and TCIflyboard to sea for yourself (see what we did there?).

-What’s that? Water sports sound hectic? Well you’re not wrong, no need to panic tho -there are plenty of romantic/chill activities for you and any other relaxation seekers out there to enjoy. If there was ever a place to take long walks on the beach, it’s this one. A beautiful sunset kisses the ocean every single day, bringing with it the star filled night like only a small island in the Caribbean can. Also, hammocks and Strawberry Daiquiris are a thing. 

-We can all agree it doesn’t get any better than the ever sunny, ever warm, ever stunning Caribbean landscape of TCI. But the best part has to be… it’s all just a few hours flight away from the U.S East Coast! With more direct flights now than ever, getting to paradise has never been easier. 

– Last but definitely not least, Providenciales has become a hub for luxury travellers seeking the epitome of a tropical adventure. The lush tropical landscape in tandem with the luxury of our villas provide an ideal travel experience you won’t want to end. 

For the rest, just add water.


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