Traveling with Teens – A parent’s survival guide

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Family vacations can be a time for parents and kids to catch up and spend some quality time together. However, traveling with teens has a unique set of challenges that many parents may not consider until they are put into the uncomfortable position of being away from home with an uncooperative teen. There are ways to travel with your teens to ensure that everyone has a good time with minimal conflict. The main things to remember are to provide opportunities for everyone to have their own space, do things they enjoy and take advantage of down time.

The best way to have a fun family vacation with your teenagers is to visit a location that has something for everyone. A Caribbean island destination like the Turks and Caicos Islands provides everything the family needs to find activities to please all ages. Spending time on the beautiful, white-sand beaches allows the entire family to relax or to be active. The smaller kids have the sand and surf to play in, which can draw teens away from the technology for a while too.

Teenagers are seeking independence, and it can be helpful for the entire family if you provide an age-appropriate amount of activities for them to pursue on their own. An island vacation allows for everything from kite-surf lessons to fishing to kayaking as well as many other outdoor activities. Allowing your teen to research and plan some of their own activities based on their interests will provide the family with a peaceful and fun vacation. If your teen is interested in adventure, he or she may enjoy a guided boating excursion. It can also be fun to rent jet skis for those who are old enough. Teenagers who appreciate quieter activities may enjoy staying in a vacation rental with close beach access so that they can enjoy the tranquility of the ocean anytime.

Be sure to plan some down time where everyone can relax and rejuvenate from all the island fun. When considering where to stay, look for a roomy place that has spacious living areas along with bedrooms for teens to spend their time in private. Outdoor space with a view is also a nice amenity for the family as it provides a way to be outdoors and enjoy the lovely island weather without leaving the rental.

When planning a trip to the beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos, be sure to check out all the wonderful activities offered on the islands. There are many opportunities for water sports, outdoor adventures and places for relaxing in the sun. Our islands have wonderful weather year-round, and the beaches are pristine with white sand and turquoise water. Bringing your family to our beautiful Caribbean islands provides a way to enjoy your time together while also allowing the older teens to enjoy some of the more adventurous activities they love.

When searching for a vacation home, a villa is great for a family that needs room to spread out. We have villas with beautiful views of the water and island scenery. Our vacation rentals have space to allow the teens in your family to have their own rooms while also providing large living areas for the entire family to gather.


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