Traveling with Teens – A parent’s survival guide

Family vacations can be a time for parents and kids to catch up and spend some quality time together. However, traveling with teens has a unique set of challenges that many parents may not consider until they are put into the uncomfortable position of being away from home with an uncooperative teen. There are ways to travel with your teens to ensure that everyone has a good time with minimal conflict. The main things to remember are to provide opportunities for everyone to have their own space, do things they enjoy, and take advantage of downtime.

Teenagers are seeking independence, and it can be helpful for the entire family if you provide an age-appropriate amount of activities for them to pursue on their own. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the fun things to do your teens can enjoy while staying at our villas.

Grace Bay Beach // Turtle Cove

Impulse offers a cinema room, a games room, tons of beach games, and an ideal location with fun things to do.

Snorkel right outside the villa: Smith’s Reef sits within a few steps to our private villas on Turtle Cove. Explore and discover a beautiful underwater world teeming with life!

Love the private pool: All our villas come equipped with private pools. Cannonball competitions, water gun fights, and other pool games are fun, simple ways to keep entertained. Put their favorite tunes on the outdoor speakers and let the day take its course.

Kayak/Paddleboard across Grace Bay: The beach here is typically calm & shallow -great to take your paddleboards for a ride! 

• Find a spot to call his or her own: Grace Bay is 12 miles long -finding a comfortable spot to make your own for a few hours should not be difficult. 

• Hop on a tour: Turtle Cove houses some tour operators like a sports fishing charter, a dive shop, and others, within walking distance to our villas. 

Make use of the villa’s amenities: A lot of our villas come equipped with board games, a cinema/games room, beach toys, and other fun perks young adults can rejoice in. 

Water sports: Parasailing, Snuba (a mix between scuba and snorkeling), snorkeling tours, e-surf (electric surfboard), and much more would be available to do right on Grace Bay Beach, within an 8 min drive to our villas. 

Long Bay Beach

Water Sports: With fewer boating restrictions than the northern shore, Long Bay offers an ideal spot for water sports such as jet skis, private boat tours, kite surfing (with lessons!), and much more.

Private Boat Tours: Long Bay provides guests the unique opportunity to schedule and be picked up for a private tour right off the beach! 

Added Privacy: With 3.1 miles of an entirely residential neighborhood, teens will enjoy added privacy and a beach they may get to call their own. 

Kayak/Paddleboard across Long Bay: The beach here is typically calm & shallow -great to take your paddleboards for a ride! 

Horseback Riding Tour: Horseback tours are only available in Long Bay. Schedule a tour and explore all that Long Bay has to offer!

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