Turks & Caicos: Australian luxury travellers​’ paradise

First things first, you’ve probably never heard of Turks & Caicos and that’s ok -It’s actually one of the perks but we’ll get to that later. Right now let’s just open our minds to finding out about this magical, nearly private tropical destination: Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.

Here’s 6 reasons on why you should care, Australia.

Beach Villa Sandstone on ↝ Grace Bay Beach (Often named #1 beach in the world!)

1- Suns out, funs out

As any tropical destination, Providenciales features an all year long summer weather so you and your friends can live that #BeachLife on command. But what sets the beaches of Providenciales so far above the rest is, for one, the immense beauty of the landscape. Mainly tho, is the fact that not that many people even know about it! So you can have world’s famous Grace Bay Beach (voted in the top 10 globaly by TripAdvisor) all for yourself. You’re welcome. 

Long Bay Beach

2- Upscale Villas

This is the Vegemite to your toast, Australia. The coasts of Providenciales feature some of the most stunning pieces of architecture in the Caribbean. Yea, no kidding -we’re talking award-winning stuff here guys! So you see, Providenciales was essentially built around discerning travellers looking for a secluded & luxurious tropical experience.

Villa Cascade

3- They speak the Queen’s…

English. You won’t have to learn a new language if you decide to stay. And you just might. Heads up here’s another photo!

Villa Castaway

4- Winner of 7 World Travel Awards

We hate to brag but, we’re also all kinds of awesome. Turks & Caicos took home Most Romantic Destination, Leading Beach Destination and more (this year alone). No need to take my word for it, just click the picture to see for yourself.

Grace Bay Beach

5- It’s kinda far away

True. But definitely not a deal breaker -bare with us. You’re in Australia, so by default any destination is going to be far away. Also, what options do you have if you’re trying to get to a luxurious tropical paradise?

Nutmeg Cottage

6- The best part is…

Your winter is our summer! Well, in Providenciales you’ll have summer all year long but, you know what I mean! Let’s say you want to travel this summer -then you could visit during August – December (low season). Or, if you’re trying to avoid winter over at Aussie, then come enjoy our stunning Caribbean summer days. You can’t lose.

Ballyhoo Cottage

7- Why TC Villas?

We offer the most attractive rates since we book directly with the owner of the villas. We also know each villa as if it was our own. It also helps to understand the intricacies of what it takes for you and your loved ones to have an unforgettable time whilst in Provo. You can visit our website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more info. One of our friendly villa experts will be happy to assist.

Miami Vice I

We’ll keep the Pina Coladas cold & ready. We’re cool like that.

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