Graceway Gourmet grocery store in turks and caicos

Where Do I Buy Groceries in the Turks and Caicos?

When planning any trip, one must consider budget (well, at least, most of us do!).  After paying for flights, accommodation, and transportation, what’s left for activities and food?  Well, fortunately on Provo, many options exist for both, but today, we’ll focus on the latter:


“Where are we going to eat?”


First, if you rent a private home (highly recommended!), you’ll have your own kitchen, grill, and space to cook for the whole family.  Preparing meals this way is an easy and convenient option.  Provo has three grocery stores and between them, you can almost certainly find whatever it is you need.


Your first stop will probably be the IGA supermarket, located on Leeward Highway, about at the midpoint of the island, so it’s convenient for everyone.  The IGA is open every day from 7am to 10pm and they have a bakery, a deli, roasted chicken, and basically everything you would want, including beer, wine, and liquor (be aware, alcohol sales are prohibited on Sundays).


IGA Providenciales TUrks and Caicos


Be aware, the prices here are going to be more than what you pay back home.  Why? because everything has to be shipped in and a tariff is paid (no dairy farms or orchards on this island!).  Therefore, you will find that items are 1.5 to 2X what you pay back home.  There are deviations from this, up and down, but sticker shock may come most when you buy beer: it’s $55+ per case, so enjoy every drop :-).


Alcohol and beer prices in turks and caicos


In addition to the main IGA supermarket, there is also the Graceway Gourmet, located on Grace Bay Road, near Seven Stars resort.  This store is more comparable to a Whole Foods or Fresh Market.  They have some more upscale items, like gluten free bread and specialty cheeses.  They even sell some “to go” items like egg salad or meatloaf.


Graceway Gourmet grocery store in turks and caicos


Lastly, if you’re staying on the Southwest side of the island, there is a Quality Food Centre you can make a stop at.  This is a smaller market where many of the wonderful local islanders shop. You’ll find things here you’ve perhaps never seen before, especially in the way of proteins: ever heard of chicken paws?  Well, you can find them here…..parking is limited, so you may need to get creative.


Quality Food Centre


There are over 75 restaurants on the island and while that’s a blog for another day, you should definitely check them out! Some of my favorite restaurants in the world are on this little island!  If you have a larger group or one with lots of young children and going to a restaurant may not be as easy as you’d like, you can always hire a chef or caterer.  While this can be something of a splurge, it’s a luxury and convenience that is worth a try.  Because this island is one whereby exploring out and about to various restaurants is a viable option, chefs are not a necessity (as they are at some other islands) so what you get is a highly qualified, sophisticated executive chef–not a “cook”.
Happy Eating!

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