The Private Chef Experience: Turks & Caicos

The Private Chef Experience: Turks & Caicos

Hiring a private chef to fetch groceries, prepare, and cook for your group at the villa can be a wonderful way to experience Turks and Caicos. Besides the comfort and convenience of having world-class chefs pamper you with uniquely delicious island meals, it is also a great way to experience local cuisine the way it was supposed to. 

On May 11th, 2021, our group hired Dining By Design to cook for us at Caicos Cays. World-renowned chefs Josh Carlton and Thomas Musson were very attentive and thorough with their work. We were a group of 10 and some of us had food allergies -Dining By Design was wonderful at working their way around our many dietary requirements. Needless to say, the flavor and quality of their meals were not compromised.

Dining By Design fetched the groceries and raw ingredients, arrived early at the villa to do the prep work and delivered a 3-course meal worthy of royalty. Everyone in our group loved it! They even had an attentive butler who mixed cocktails, fixed drinks and delivered us our lovely island meals.

Overall, we were very pleased with their work and look forward to another experience like it!

It’s important to note that we are not affiliated with Dining By Design or any other company for that matter. We have heard great things about them from our guests who’ve used them -and now we know ourselves from first-hand experience.