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Why Does Your Brain Feel So Calm and Relaxed by the Beach?

Life is Better by the Beach

We all understand the peace and tranquility that spending time by the ocean, listening to the waves lap up on the shore brings, but did you know it’s actually a scientific fact that being by the sea is good for your brain?
color blue calms the mind
This must have been a very difficult study to entice participants! According to NBC news, “Science says the surf and sand does the mind (and body) good.” In fact, according to the annual Gallup poll, Hawaii has ranked as the happiest state in which to live 6 times since 2008. Seems consistent with this argument, right?

Change in Brain Activity

Here’s why. To start, studies show that simply seeing the color blue invites feelings of calm and peace. Between the sea and the air, there’s plenty of blue to enjoy. This may be why so many designers like pale blue for bedroom paint colors? Pair that with the theory that staring at ocean waves actually change brain waves and put us in a calm, meditative state and there we have it! What’s more, the oxygen atoms by the sea (or by waterfalls, for example) carry an extra electron, making the overall air charged with negative ions, which creates a physiological change in brain activity.


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Helps with the Seasonal Blues

This is actually being used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. All a bunch of baloney? Maybe, but that’s okay too. Simply thinking that one is supposed to be relaxed and at peace at the beach or by the coast, is often enough to put you in a calm and relaxed state. It’s called the placebo effect. So, this said, getting a head start on teaching your mind to relax and be calm starts with time spent by the shore, being mindful of the peace that comes with being there. Fortunately, this is a painless exercise.

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