North Caicos: A Day Trip Itinerary from Provo

Located about 12 miles Northeast of Providenciales, North Caicos is a lush island with a beautiful tropical forest, sand bar extending along the Northeastern coast, and the largest flock of Pink Flamingos in all of the Turks & Caicos.  A rugged slow-paced escape to a beautiful tropical island with less infrastructure than Provo, North Caicos is a wonderful day trip from Provo by plane, ferry, or private boat charter.


Bottle Creek is the district capital with government offices and island’s only high school.  With a population of approximately 907 people, Bottle Creek is the island’s largest village. There are a number of old plantation areas situated along the King’s Road between Bottle Creek and the causeway to Middle Caicos.

Whitby is a small seaside village on the north shore located between the protected snorkeling area of Three Mary Cays and Horsestable Beach.

With a population of around 400, Kew is an inland village and one of the oldest towns in the Turks and Caicos. It is known for being the center of the archipelago’s farming community. Kew is also the home of the Wades Green Plantation, a historic tourist site.

Sandy Point is a tiny village located at the northwestern tip of the island facing Parrot Cay. It hosts the North Caicos Yacht Club. It is the location of Sandy Point Marina, where ferry services from Providenciales arrive.

Things To Do

Guided bike tours, offroad driving, scuba & snorkeling, and wildlife viewing are the top things to do on this small but beautiful island. 

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