Pick the Perfect Provo Beach

Providenciales, the main tourist destination in Turks and Caicos, is a 23-mile wide island framed by soft white-sand beaches and iconic turquoise waters. Provo is home to the third-largest barrier reef system in the world, the world’s best beach (Grace Bay Beach), tons of exhilarating & relaxing activities, over 80 delicious restaurants, and some of the most stunning properties in the Caribbean -no wonder why Provo has become the ideal tropical destination!

Now that you know you’d like to visit Provo, you can consider several neighborhoods and beaches. Each area offers its own unique charms.

If you're looking for a walk-able social scene:

Turtle Cove is a centric and convenient neighborhood featuring 6 restaurants (ranging from the classic American pub feel all the way to high-end dining), a dive shop, sports fishing charter, the undersea explorer, the island’s main marina, and Smith’s Reef -best snorkeling spot on island!

Grace Bay Beach, the hallmark of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is a 12-mile long beach that’s been consistently named the World’s Best Beach. Guests staying in Turtle Cove can enjoy this world-renowned piece of paradise as their backyard.

Villas: Callaloo, Coriander, Nutmeg, Ocean Edge, Water Edge, Sea Edge, Little Plum, Plum Wild, Sandpiper, Sandpebble, Conch Beach, Reef Pearl, Reef Beach House, Sandstone, Dawn Beach, Turtle Beach, Turtle Breeze

If you're looking for privacy:

Long Bay is located on the South-East shore, which is a bit removed (about a 15-minute drive) from shopping and restaurants.  Currently Long Bay Beach is entirely residential, some of the islands finest homes are located there with more being planned. The beach is a good long walking beach (3.1 miles) and you are sure to find several beautiful conch shells lying in the sand or just past the shoreline. Long Bay is very popular for kiteboarding and windsurfing due to the constant trade winds on this part of the island.

This area has fewer boating restrictions than its northern shore counterpart (Grace Bay) and so guests here can partake in thrilling activities such as boating, jet skiing, kite surfing, etc. You can even be picked up for a private tour right off the beach.

Villas: Aguaribay, Villa Isla, Conched Out, Mandalay, Sandy Beaches, Hura Sea Villas, Shambhala.

If you're looking for calm, family-friendly water:

In the Ocean Point/Taylor Bay Beach are, the bay is shallow, calm, and sandy—perfect for swimming and great for small children.  One of the best beaches on island! Shopping (which is limited on the island overall, really) is probably 15 or so minutes away and that is also a reasonable guess for restaurants too. Some will be further, but it depends on how far you go. Las Brisas restaurant is just under a mile away – absolutely beautiful views of Chalk Sound and wonderful food (it’s casual). There is a nice new Quality Supermarket approximately an 8-minute drive and a huge IGA supermarket approximately 20 minutes away.

Villas: Caicos Cays, Miami Vice Two, Miami Vice One, Coccoloba

If you're looking for great snorkeling:

Thompson Cove is a convenient central location with many great restaurants nearby and great snorkeling! Thompson Cove is located approximately 5 minutes west of the Turtle Cove and 5 minutes east of Blue Hills (several restaurants here including da Conch Shack – one of our favorite spots on island).

Villas: Castaway

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