Visit Chalk Sound, the Blue Lagoon of Turks & Caicos

Aerial views of Chalk Sound.

Located on the southwest coast of Providenciales, Chalk Sound is a stunning, landlocked lagoon dotted with countless tiny islands or cays.  The sound, which is roughly three miles (5km) long, and a protected national park, is a must-see for visitors to Provo. Quite simply, you’ve never seen water like this. The view alone will take your breath away.

History and Background

Before Chalk Sound became a top tourist destination and a wildlife sanctuary, it was a commercial center for raising and canning turtles and shellfish.  In the early 1900s, George Silly, namesake of Chalk Sound’s Silly Creek, farmed sponges in the area in addition to running a shellfish cannery.  The ruins of his home still exist on the edge of the sound.

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Today, Chalk Sound National Park provides a safe home to hundreds of marine species, birds, and plants. Tourists come to Chalk Sound to see the stunning turquoise water which is ideal for snorkeling and shallow enough to enjoy with kids. Visitors also love driving by the exclusive villas along the edge of the sound. 

Here’s a rundown of our favorite Chalk Sound activities.

Soak in the view. Few places possess the natural, unspoiled beauty of Chalk Sound. Even if you don’t participate in a true “activity,” seeing the sound with your own eyes alone is worth the trip. Most visitors enjoy the view from the southern side of the land-locked lagoon where, in addition to taking in the beauty of the sound, you will see some truly exquisite vacation homes. Chalk Sound Drive, which extends the length of the thin strip of land that separates Chalk Sound from the Atlantic Ocean, is the perfect vantage point to see the sound and the exclusive real estate.

Go for a swim. If you really want to experience Chalk Sound, go for a swim!  Motorized boats are not allowed in the sound and the water is clean, safe, and shallow (several areas are less than five-feet deep) – all of which make it a perfect swimming spot for adults and kids.

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Explore the cays. Rent a kayak or take a ride on a sailboat to visit a few of the hundreds of small islands, or cays, within Chalk Sound. The cays feature rich plant life and offer safe haven to the only surviving population of rock iguanas on Providenciales. Be careful while walking around on the cays; the ground is rugged and some areas may contain coral sumac, a poisonous tree that can cause skin rashes.

Head to the beach! Chalk Sound is separated from the Atlantic Ocean only by a thin strip of land accessible from Chalk Sound Dr. so you are just minutes from the beach! Pack a snack (and lots of water and sunscreen -there is very little shade here), look for starfish and sand dollars, and go for a swim during high tide at Sopadilla Bay or Taylor Bay.

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Las Brisas Restaurant

Las Brisas is set right on Chalk Sound Bay. It offers delightfully blue views.

Eat, drink, relax. Las Brisas Restaurant and Bar provides the perfect spot to enjoy lunch, dinner, or cocktails while overlooking Chalk Sound. You can dine on the restaurant’s patio, in the gazebo, or at the poolside bar. The menu includes Caribbean favorites like paella as well as Mediterranean-style tapas like stuffed mushrooms, fried calamari, and baked brie –perfect for snacking and sharing. There are even several tasty desserts on the menu. Wash all of that down with a piña colada, a mojito, or a glass from the extensive wine list. Food and drink aside, it’s the view that you’ll really feast on here.

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