10 FREE things to do in Turks & Caicos

Our top 10 FREE things to do in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is a must read for your visit to paradise. This island is full of fun activities that are perfect for enjoying the beautiful year-round Caribbean climate. Grab your sunglasses, bathing suit, and camera, and jump into the clear turquoise waters for an unforgettable holiday.

1) Snorkel Smith’s Reef

Smith’s Reef is located in the quiet marina neighborhood of Turtle Cove. This reef offers some of the country’s best snorkeling! Our guests have reported seeing sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, barracuda, red snapper, and countless types of colorful fish and coral. Bring your underwater camera!

Wake To Wake offers some of the best tours & excursions in Provo.

Pro Tip: Bring your own mask and snorkel from home. Purchasing online and taking it down in your suitcase is much more affordable than renting or buying on island.

2) Thursday Night Island Fish Fry

Enjoy the local culture and cuisine every Thursday night.

Every Thursday night locals and tourists come together for a wonderful celebration of local cuisine, crafts and culture at the Bight Beach Park on Grace Bay Beach. Be sure to arrive in time to enjoy the sunset! The fish fry offers free musical entertainment and tons of crafts to peruse. Fried Snapper, Grouper, Conch, Jerk Chicken and other delicious local specialties are sold food-truck style. There are also plenty of alcohol options and ice cream for the kids. 

3) Walk a Potcake Puppy

“Rent” a puppy and share the love whilst in Provo with Potcake Place.

The local Potcake Place is a wonderful local non-profit committed to helping find homes for the adorable local dogs -lovingly called “Potcakes”. Simply show up at 10 am to walk a Potcake puppy. Your attention helps familiarize the dogs with loving humans and gets them ready for their forever home. Its a special dose of cuteness and a great way to give back during your vacation.

4) Watch the Kite Surfers and stroll along Long Bay Beach

Mark, from Wake To Wake Watersports showing how it’s done.

Long Bay Beach is a stunning 3 miles stretch of white sand on the Southeastern side of the island. This bay is home to a near-constant, pleasant trade wind, making it a world-renowned spot for kite boarding and wind surfing. The crystal waters are perfect for gazing at while strolling along the beach.

5) Hike Sapodilla Hill

Views to Sapodilla Bay from Miami Vice One.

Sapodilla Bay Hill is on the Southwestern shore of the island and is one of the highest points on the island. A short hike (be sure to wear bug spray) brings you to the top for a wonderful view of the Southern shore. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for centuries old pirate carvings!

6) Float in super shallow Sapodilla Bay 

Miami Vice Two offers some paradisiacal sights of Sapodilla Bay.

Cool off after your hike in the shallow calm waters of Sapodilla Bay. With super shallow waters (1-3 feet) far out into the horizon, this bay is a great spot for children or lazy floating in the sea!

7) Picnic on Grace Bay Beach

Nutmeg Cottage’s access to world famous Grace Bay Beach.

Grace Bay Beach is one of the world’s top beaches for a reason: the ultra-white sand and immaculate clear waters are hard-to-believe gorgeous. Take a sandwich and cold drink to the sand and make a picnic for your loved one or full family for a great time. Take a picture of your picnic for a wonderful memory!

8) Take the kids to the Bight Beach Playground

Provo offers a never ending “fun things to do” list -for all ages.

Children love the Bight playground, which is right on the beach! You can bring a book or take in the sea views while the kids play in the sunshine.

9) Drive around Leeward to see all the beautiful beach mansions

Leeward Beach

Leeward is located on the Northeastern point of the island and plays host to some of the island’s largest villas! You can take in this neighborhood and its many canals, visit Blue Haven Marina, and see the Mangrove island just across the water. There is also a small specialty grocery store near the marina, as well as outfitters that offer kayaking and stand up paddle boarding as well as boating excursions

10) Take in the sunset at Taylor Bay Beach

Come enjoy sunsets like only a small island in the Caribbean can offer.

Taylor Bay is a Southwestern facing crescent shaped beach on the southeastern shore of the island (next door to Sapodilla Bay Beach.) This beach offers stunning sunset views and a wonderful sea cave grotto on the Northern end! It’s a magical beach and a staff favorite for a quiet evening sunset meditation, so be sure to visit!

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