3 Easy Things You Can Do to Protect the Turks and Caicos Oceans

Taking a few simple steps to reduce your plastic use can create a huge difference in the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. Practicing mindfulness on our impact on the planet not only helps reduce our carbon and plastic imprint, but it can also save tons of money and be more healthy!

Here are a few easy tips for your next getaway!

Plastic is Polluting Our Caribbean Oceans

Single-Use plastic like water bottles, straws, and bags often end up in landfills or make it to our oceans through water runoff. Though the Turks and Caicos Islands are beautifully free of waste and plastic on the beaches, it is a wonderful contribution to these islands to be conscious of your plastic consumption while visiting.

Bring a Water Bottle!

Single-use plastic is a cultural norm these days, and it takes effort and consideration to reverse the habit of grabbing a plastic water bottle! But the benefits of using a reusable water bottle are not just better for the environment; it also saves you money and reduces the number of toxins in your body. 

While you travel, you can take an empty water bottle through the airport security and then fill your water at water fountains. Not only will this help save you money and reduce your plastic use, but it also helps remind you to stay hydrated during travel. I know keeping my water bottle with me really helps me sip water all day and reverse the dehydrating effects of air travel.

Drinking Water on the beach

On island in Provo, we recommend that guests purchase gallon or even bigger bottled water and fill their own water bottles for travel or trips.

Plastic Straws: Don’t use them!

Plastic straw pollution

Straws are responsible for harming a lot of sea creatures as they can resemble food to them. If the restaurant brings you straws automatically, perhaps hand them back to the waiter with a smile. If you really love using a straw, why not purchase a metal reusable straw to carry with you. A small effort like this can go a long way towards saving marine life and keeping the water clean for the next generation.

Plastic straw in turtle pollution

Plastic bags? – No
Tote bags? – Yes

Since you will likely grocery shop while traveling, bring your reusable tote bags with you! They can double as beach bags, dirty laundry holders or shoe totes and help reduce the amount of plastic bags in circulation on island.

Plastics bags vs reusable tote bags

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