5 Fun Beach Games

5 fun beach games

As you embark on a dream vacation to paradise in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the vast beach might beckon to you. Lying out under the sun is a perfect distraction from life’s responsibilities, but you also crave some excitement. Beach games are perfect for anyone who wants to get moving on the beach. Take a cue from some childhood pursuits as you enjoy exciting games right on the sand.

1. The Relay

This vacation activity is best for a large group. Grab a bucket, fill it with ocean water and pass it along a line of your closest friends. A friend outside of the line needs to ring a bell or phone timer at some random point. When the alarm sounds, the person with the bucket in their hands must be doused with the water! This game is similar to musical chairs except there’s a wet surprise waiting for one person. The relay continues until the last dry person emerges. Both kids and adults will love this risky game.

2. Velcro Catch

Before you leave on vacation, pick up a beach catch toy. These toys are normally made out of Velcro or offer a net to catch a ball between two people. As you stretch out on miles of sand outside of your luxurious lodging, get your exercise in for the day. Start with a close proximity to your partner and slowly widen the space. After a short time, you’ll be struggling to throw or catch the ball from 50 feet or more. Bring extra catch supplies so that everyone in your party can join in. If the ball falls to the sand, that person can be considered “out” as the game progresses down to just one player.

3. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is a beach game that requires some preparation, but it can entertain your group for many hours. Type or write up a list of items that can be found on or near the beach. Pair up or treat the hunt as an individual’s game. Treasure hunting can be customized in many different ways. Items on the list should be relatively easy to find, such as shells. Add in a few difficult items, such as a heart-shaped rock, as a challenge is always welcome.

4. Sand Bowling

Challenge your group with a game of sand bowling. Pick up any child’s bowling set that includes plastic bins and a ball. Set up the pins close to the water so that they can be pressed into the hard-packed sand. Roll the ball against the pins, and keep track of everyone’s score. If a wave happens to strike any of the pins, you can count that as a point for your team. Because the pins are plastic, they’ll float in the water if they happen to become loose from their positions.

5. Go Limbo

Doing the limbo only requires a pole, some friends and good music. Hold a pole made from bamboo or some other material, and keep it in a horizontal position. Start the pole out at a tall height so that everyone simply walks under it. Progressively drop the pole downward where everyone must bend, squat and twist their way around the obstacle. The last person to move under the pole without falling is the winner. You might have a novelty prize for the winner so that there’s motivation to go the distance. Play limbo during the day or night to get the party started.

Your seaside fun doesn’t have to stop if you run out of game supplies. In many tropical destinations, local stores have basic toys that can brighten any outing. Simply step outside your rental villa to explore the surrounding neighborhood.

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