5 Group Games for you Beach Vacation

5 Fun Vacation Games

The sight and sound of the surf at Providenciales, Turks and Caicos provides the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing family vacation. Spending time together in this paradise can bring your family closer, and one of the best ways to create memorable experiences is to organize group family games that get everyone involved.

There are games you can enjoy inside your villa or beach house, at the park or on the beach. No matter where you play, these family games will keep younger ones busy and provide a sense of structure and belonging to older family members. The best part is that vacationers of any age can participate.

1. Simon Says is a great way to teach younger children to listen and follow instructions. Older kids enjoy it if you make it more challenging. One leader stands in front of the group and tells the group that he or she will give a series of instructions. Every time the leader states “Simon says,” the instruction should be followed. It isn’t to be followed when it isn’t preceded with the phrase. Instructions include simple things like hopping in place, raising your right arm and standing on one leg.

The original game ousts those who fail to follow instructions properly, but you can alter that rule to keep everyone in the game. The great thing about this game is that it doesn’t take much space, so you can play it inside your villa while waiting on other family members to get ready to go out.

2. Colored Eggs is a fun running game that is perfect for a park or beach. In this game, there is a leader and a chaser (called the wolf). The leader gives each of the others – known as eggs – a color. The wolf then approaches the leader and asks for an egg. The leader asks for a color, and the wolf gives a color. The person who was given that color must run around the others and back into their place before the wolf catches them. If they are caught, they become the wolf, and the wolf becomes an egg with a different color.

3. Croquet is a game of simple skills that is great for both older and younger kids. In this game, you will need a game set that includes hoops, clubs and balls. The idea is similar to putt-putt golf in that you must get the ball through each of the hoops on a designated course in as few strokes as possible. It is a relaxed game that is best played on a lawn, but it also comes in sets designed for the beach.

4. Volleyball is a well-known sport that is perfectly suited for a beach. This game can be altered for older and young players alike by lowering the net and allowing some extra serves for inexperienced players. It can be played with just four players or accommodate as many as 20 players.

5. Frisbee horseshoes combines the use of modern flying discs with the traditional game of horseshoes. With this game, you set a pole marker on the beach and draw three bulls-eye circles around it. Each circle carries 15, 10 or 5 points, and hitting the pole nets you 20 points. Players stand 20 feet away and attempt to throw the Frisbee to hit the marking pole. The person with the most points after 10 rotations wins.

Families that play games at their rental villas and beach homes in the Turks and Caicos Islands create wonderful memories during their vacation. The bonding time with fun in the water, great food in town and plenty of things to do will bring smiles for a lifetime.

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