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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Turks and Caicos

As you may (or may not) know, each island in the Caribbean has its own “flavor” and depending on what it is you seek, there’s an island that’s just right for you!  Is that island Providenciales?  Well, maybe…..

ProTip: It’s Provo, not Providenciales

A few things you should know about Providenciales: first, nobody calls it this.  If you really want to sound like someone in the know, call it Provo!  No, not Turks (it’s actually a Caicos island, not a Turks island!), not Provincials (whatever that is), or anything in between–we’ve heard it all :-).  You can usually tell a newbie from a seasoned islander by who calls it Provo.
Now let’s get to the good stuff!

1. You Can Press Pause on the Fast-Paced Lifestyle of the City to Relax in Pristine Nature

If you come from a place like New York, the chaotic energy of the concrete jungle can get to you.  You might love it, need it and thrive in it but one thing is for sure..the city can take its toll on those who let it.
Work hard play hard, right? Well we have our own spin on it, work hard and relax harder.  The Turks and Caicos is where you go to press PAUSE, adjust to island time and sip on some rum punch.
These are the times where you can realign your values, appreciate what you have, and look towards the future for what you want in life. A change in scenery for even a week will give your brain time  to digest what life has handed you these past few months. No more errands to run, work projects to finish on time, or household chores to do. Let your mind be at peace.
You can carry on this attitude as you arrive on the island. No need to stress!
If you’re worried about how you’re going to pack all of your luggage into your rental car coming from the airport, then you’re doing it wrong!  Provo is a casual island and by the time you’ve made your third trip there, you’ll probably find yourself breezing through to Customs with only your carry on, while others wait patiently at the baggage carousel, wondering if their suitcase made it.
Rookie mistake.
Not only is the island casual, all of our properties have a washer/dryer so if you need to run a load of laundry, no problem.  And wrinkles?  perfectly acceptable everywhere.  As Henry Moog, the founder of our company once said “just remember: wet bathing suit is casual; dry bathing suit is formal.”  Flip flops get you everywhere.

2. Fresh Groceries and High-End Restaurants are Available

Graceway Gourmet grocery store in turks and caicos
On some islands, you have to rely on restaurants for your meals or take your chances on what the grocer happened to get in that week.  Not here.  While there are some wonderful restaurants on Provo (over 75, ranging from casual, on-the-beach, to high end cuisine), you can pop in the grocery store any day before 10pm to pick up freshly sliced deli turkey, Angus filets, or fresh mangos.  The selection is great at the main IGA supermarket, the Graceway Gourmet, or the local islanders market: Quality Supermarket and you’re likely to find just about whatever you may need to prepare meals in-house.

3. You’ll Never Get Bored in the Turks and Caicos

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In fact, for week long stays, most guests leave the island having not covered all they had hoped to do.  This assumes that time spent on the beach or by the pool counts as an activity, of course.  Still, we always advise having  rental car so you can go anywhere, any time.  Anything having to do with the water is the main attraction, whether it’s sailing, fishing, boat cruising, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, or kite surfing (if you have the guts to try it!).  That is not an exhaustive list, by the way.  Unlike some islands that cater to unplugging and total relaxation, which is certainly doable here, it’s not the only option.  Active travelers will find that Provo has all they need to stay busy and have fun.

 4. Beaches Beaches Beaches

Grace Bay Beach Providenciales

Grace Bay Beach has been ranked #1 by TripAdvisor as being the best beach in the world!

A few of the reasons?

Here are what the 5-star reviewers from TripAdvisor had to say for Grace Bay Beach!

“It’s no wonder this beach has been called the best in the world. It’s the best we’ve ever been to! White powdery sand, pristine waters, heavenly!” –Lillian771

“Hands down the most beautiful beach ever. The water color in the photos is close to the real thing, which is even better.” – Sherryauthor

“Everyone knows that Grace Bay Beach is consistently rated in the Top 5 Beaches of the world. What you may not know is that I have never seen it crowded!” – Natureboyrich

Grace Bay Beach Ranked #1 by Tripadvisor

5. You Can Walk a Potcake Puppy

Man with Potcake Puppy in Providenciales Turks & Caicos

They’re adorable and they need your help. Potcakes are the mix breed of stray dogs that have been found all across the Caribbean. Aptly named “Potcakes”, the origin of their name began from an island custom where the locals would feed these homeless dogs the leftovers at the bottom of their cooking pots.

Despite their undeniable charm, Potcakes stem from an unfortunate situation of homelessness. They’ve bred uncontrollably and their numbers grew to an all-time high around a decade ago. Thankfully, a passionate soul by the name of Jane Parker-Rauw had been visiting the island almost 15 years ago and realized action needed to be taken. After looking around, she came to the conclusion that the only one that could do it was herself.

From there, Jane Parker-Rauw, the founder of the non-profit Potcake Place, has been making a difference ever since. She takes the strays in, spays them, provides shelter, an eventually new owners to take adopt them.

One of the integral steps in the process of getting these Potcakes ready for adoption is to get them comfortable with human interaction and behavior. That’s where YOU come in! You’re able to borrow a Potcake friend for a day while providing them the social tools needed to be cared  for permanently.

Win-win don’t you think?


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