6 Reasons to Choose a Villa Over a Hotel

Conched Out sits beachfront on Long Bay Beach and comfortably fits 14 guests.

There’s no denying the fun in planning a family vacation, but sometimes the logistical side of things can be a daunting task. This is accentuated when traveling with large groups, as we need to factor in everyone’s needs. In this blog post we’ll go over some of the most important reasons to pick a villa over a hotel.

1- Cost

Turtle Breeze Villa‘s 5 out of 6 bedrooms open to the large free-form swimming pool.

Booking a hotel room (or multiple ones) can have its benefits -room service comes to mind. But it also has some drawbacks, like for instance the lack of privacy. Having said that, cost is one of the bigger differences. A villa is by far the most cost effective way to travel, particularly if you’re doing so in a large group who can split the expenses. All our villas are equipped with the amenities, space, style, and location to set you on the driver’s seat of your own vacation. You won’t have room service, but you will have your own kitchen to use as you see fit, private access to some of the world’s best beaches, and the unbeatable sense of feeling at home (among many other reasons, so keep reading!).

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2- Choose the villa that fits you

Villa Alamandra is a stunning 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms indoor/outdoor luxury villa.

As opposed to a hotel room, when selecting a villa you can make sure you find the one that’s perfect for your needs. All our villas share one common denominator -paradisiacal locations and a palpably luxurious style. Everything else, from the space itself to the amenities included, can be carefully selected for your particular needs. Have a look at our villas for more on this.

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3- Pick your beach

Aerial view of world-famous, Grace Bay Beach.

When you choose a villa over a hotel you also have the freedom to pick your ideal location. Providenciales is home to some of the world’s greatest beaches and depending on your group’s needs you might prefer one beach over the other. For instance, Long Bay Beach offers walkable miles of white sands perfect for relaxing but also ideal for water sports (since there are fewer boat restrictions on this beach). On the other hand, Grace Bay Beach offers the island’s best snorkeling on Smith’s Reef – one of the best things to do as a family! Or maybe a nearly private, romantic strip of beach is what you’re after -in which case a beachfront villa on Leeward would be your safest bet. Our point is, villas offer more options to really customize the holiday you want.

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4- Family oriented/kid friendly

Villa Isla‘s elevated views to the surrounding tropical paradise.

When you’re traveling with children it’s reasonable to filter out all the places that could be potentially dangerous to them and lean towards the ones that would allow kids to have fun safely. This is another incentive towards choosing a villa since you’ll have more control over your environment. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though -think about having your own kitchen to prepare food for all the fussy eaters, or having high chairs, toys and games to keep them entertained. The list goes on, but the bottom line is simple -the more control you have over your environment, the more peace of mind you’ll have knowing all the little ones can have loads of fun whilst being safe.

5- Extras, amenities and bonuses

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Villa Alamandra features beautifully curated indoor/outdoor living spaces with a seamless flow of the Caribbean trade winds.

Even if you are able to book a hotel with a great pool, you know you’ll have to share it -and it won’t be the only thing you share with potentially hundreds of guests. That’s not the deal you get when you book a villa. Besides having your own private pool with a BBQ grill always ready at your convenience, you also enjoy more private beach access, direct views of the surrounding tropical paradise, and the serenity of feeling at home. (Some of) Our villas also come equipped with kayaks, paddle boards and all sorts of fun equipment. 

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6- Pick the perfect villa for your preferred type of holiday

Aguaribay features direct access to the stunning Long Bay Beach. Kayaks included!

Providenciales offers the epitome of the luxurious (tropical) vacation. As a whole, Provo is the ideal place for any kind of Caribbean style holiday, however, some neighborhoods offer different experiences. For instance, the Turtle Cove neighborhood offers not just the best snorkeling on the island but it’s also the most walkable to restaurants and activities out of the bunch. On the other hand, Leeward is the more secluded neighborhood, consequentially offering the most privacy. On a similar note, Long Bay Beach makes for a great spot if you’re keen on water sports and other exhilarating activities -as most of the companies offering these services are located in this neighborhood. The point is, you can decide to have a relaxing holiday or an adventure-filled vacation and we will have a villa to fit those needs. The same can’t be said about hotel rooms.

So, in conclusion, if you’d like to have control over your stay, the cozy feeling of waking up at home, and the freeing peace of mind that comes with privacy -then a villa is the right choice for you. In contrast, if you’re keen for room service and pool sharing -a hotel might be the better choice. 

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