Stargazing with palm trees in the Turks and Caicos

7 FREE things to do in Turks and Caicos

The Greatest Attractions in the Turks and Caicos Cost Absolutely Nothing

Back when our company founder Henry Moog came across the Turks and Caicos Islands in 1970, there were no hotels, no villas, and not even telephones. The islanders communicated via VHF, a sort of walkie-talkie technology.

Yet it was clear to Henry that the beauty of the Turks and Caicos had been more present than ever. The calming sounds of the waves, the pristine blue tinge of the water and the coarse texture of the white sandy shores was what made this island paradise.

Nowadays, “FREE” is not a word that you would typically associate with the Turks and Caicos vacation experience.  Staying on this stunning Caribbean island for the average American would typically require spending a pretty penny because of what you’re receiving: exclusivity, privacy and the jaw-dropping natural beauty of the island that is unrivalled anywhere else.

Yet, the actual beauty of nature is free. It exists on it its own accord and we fortunately happen to live within it. While yes you can spend money to rent jet skis, take a tour to go fishing, or rent gear to go scuba diving, many of the islands greatest attractions are very much within your reach without costing a single dime.

After all, the #1 ranked beach in the world by TripAdvisor, Grace Bay Beach is right by your doorstep and is accessible at any time!

The best things in life are free, and the simple things in life are all you’ll ever need.


Here are 7 unforgettable and FREE activities to add to your Turks and Caicos itinerary:

1. Sunrise on Long Bay Beach

Sunrise at Long Bay Beach Providenciales Turks and Caicos(Sunrise on Long Bay Beach)

Whether you’re staying on Long Bay Beach or just pop over for an early morning visit, the sunrises on this Eastern facing beach are unforgettable. Its the perfect way to start a day of vacation —vacating your 9-5 life for a peaceful concentration on your wellness. Bring a towel to meditate or take a quiet walk down Long Bay Beach’s 3 miles of white sand. There’s a high chance that you’ll be the only one on the beach to witness the crystal waters turn from deep blues to light turquoise as the sun slowly rises. Take a moment to breathe in the ocean air and contemplate the vastness of the ocean and your own possibilities.

Long Bay Beach Water at Shore Club(Long Bay Beach water at the Shore Club entrance)

The easiest public beach access on Long Bay Beach is the Long Bay North access, which is located adjacent to the Shore Club development. There is parking and a boardwalk leads to the beach.

Long Bay Beach at Villa Isla
(Villa Isla beachfront on Long Bay Beach)

2. Snorkel Smith’s Reef


Smiths Reef at Turtle Cove Providenciales Turks and Caicos
(Smith’s Reef at Turtle Cove)

Dani here with TC Villas—I was never a big snorkeler. Not until I snorkeled Smith’s Reef and saw a sea turtle cruise unbothered right next to me! It is an amazing experience and one I highly recommend!

Budget Friendly Tip: Purchase your own mask and hose at home ( is a great place!) and pack them in your suitcase. This equipment is available on island but will be about twice the price to rent or buy as you can find at home 🙂

Turtle snorkeling at Smith's Reef Turks and Caicos

3. Find Your Inner Pirate: Hike Sapodilla Hill

Sapodilla Bay Pirate Carving Turks and Caicos(Pirate carvings from 1800s)

Sapodilla Hill is one of the highest points on the low laying Providenciales island and is a short hike. Hikers can find pirate carvings at the summit along with stunning views of Sapodilla Bay and Chalk Sound.

You’ll thank me later: We recommend wearing tennis shoes and bringing sunscreen and bug spray as this area does not have shade.

Sapodilla Bay View Turks and Caicos(View from Sapodilla Hill)

4. Find a Conch Shell in Leeward

Leeward is a gated community on the Northeastern point of the island an home to Blue Haven Marina and Big Blue Unlimited (Great excursions!) The Beach along the Northeastern point of Grace Bay is stunning and has tons of sea shells!

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5. Beach Walk on Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach Ranked #1 by Tripadvisor

Grace Bay is a world famous beach and is consistently named the #1 beach in the world on TripAdvisor! This beach is famous for a reason: It meets all the check marks for the perfect beach paradise:

Powder White Sand +

Crystal Clear I-can-see-my-toes Water +

Snorkeling +

Sea Breeze+

Palm Trees+

With over 11 miles of white sand, Grace Bay Beach extends for almost half of the North shore of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. In case you need some more reassurance, here are a few more reasons why vacationing is Grace Bay Beach simply can’t be beat. Enjoy a long walk on this beach for a memorable beach experience!


Peacefulness ✌️????

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6. Sunset on Taylor Bay Beach

Taylor Bay Beach Sunset in the Turks and Caicos(Sunset on Taylor Bay Beach)

Dani here—I always try to make it to Taylor Bay for at least one sunset on island. This West facing beach offers super shallow water for really far out. One appears to be walking on water since the water is ankle to knee deep for almost a football field’s distance out! It is a great place to catch the sunset and practice gratitude for life’s happy moments. Make sure you try to catch a glimpse of the Green Flash….a green flash of light that appears for the split second when the sun dips below the water!

Taylor Beach Sunset in Providenciales Turks and Caicos(Sunset on Taylor Bay Beach)

7. Stargaze at Night

Stargazing with palm trees in the Turks and Caicos (Romantic stargazing at the Turks and Caicos Islands)

With little ambient light, Caribbean star gazing is an amazing experience. This is no different in Providenciales, where the stars light up cloudless nights!

Pro tip: We recommend downloading a stargazer app on your phone or iPad! Spend your evening learning the names of stars with your family or honey.

Stargazing in the Turks and Caicos(Stargazing app filter)



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