7 Packing Tips to Save Space

7 Packing Hacks

You’ve planned an unforgettable vacation to a beach paradise, and now you simply need to pack. Organizing your suitcase can be a challenge, but there are several travel hacks that can ease your efforts. Before you jet off to that incredible villa, use these packing tips to get you on the plane with less weight in your bags.

Travel Lightly

When you’re traveling to a warm-weather location, there’s no need to pack a lot of items. You can get by on one or two pairs of shoes, such as sneakers and flip-flops. A lightweight sweater can take the place of a heavy jacket on cool nights. Because you don’t require a lot of layered clothing on your trip, saving suitcase space is almost automatic. Try to wear items more than once on your trip too. You’ll only need a few tops and bottoms as a result.

Use Your Shoes

If you’re bringing sneakers or similar footwear, consider the open space within the shoes. Fill them up with travel bottles of lotion, shampoo or other items. There’s an incredible amount of space inside of adult shoes, so fill them up as much as possible. To avoid any spillage, use plastic bags around the items. You’ll end up in paradise with all of your items safely in tow.

Roll It Up

It’s true that rolling your packed items is the best way to save space in any suitcase. Roll each item, and then line them up according to size in your bag. The rolling strategy also reduces wrinkles in your items because there are no real folds to the fabric. Pull the items from the bag, and you’ll have nearly perfect clothing to hang in a closet. You’ll also appreciate the ease with which you can see all of the items as you open up your bag. There are no confusing stacks to sort through.

Stack and Fold

In some cases, you’ll have items that can’t be rolled. Intimate wear, such as bras, can be stacked. Use the curve of the item to orient the stack. Once you have every similar item stacked into one pile, fold it over so that it can slide into a small pocket within the bag. Your suitcase’s corners and pockets must be filled as much as possible so that you can utilize every inch of the interior.

Move the Beauty Products

Your beauty lotion may come in a huge container that rests on your bathroom counter. However, dragging this container on vacation just isn’t practical. Use contact lens cases as makeshift containers. Fill up each side with lotion, pills or other necessities. These tiny containers should cover your needs for the vacation.

Wrap a Case Around Cables

Fill your old eyeglass case with your electronic chargers, and you’ll have a compact way to haul these items. Tossing the cables into your suitcase causes a mess, and they might tangle up with other items. Coiling them neatly into a case controls their shape and preserves their quality. You’ll be able to hook up your phone without any problems when you arrive at your beachside villa.

Forgo the Beach Towels

You may have a favorite towel that matches a bathing suit, but bulky towels shouldn’t be in your suitcase. Take advantage of the amenities at your destination by using those towels. There’s no reason to fill up most of your suitcase with an item that can be borrowed when you reach your vacation spot. You’ll ultimately have more room for clothing as a result. All our villas come with large beach towels, as well as bath towels and bedding linens.


Packing smart is a skill that takes some practice, but it will be worth it when you can vacation in your paradise of choice. Enjoy the sand, sun and relaxation in the tropics any time of year with your smartly packed suitcase. You can find our villas at TC Villas. Contact TC Villas at info@tcvillas.com or by phone from 9-5 EST at 1.877.467.4858 to book your perfect beachfront vacation rental villa!

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