Baci Ristorante’s 20th Anniversary

Photo By: The Expenditioners Magazine for Baci-Ristorante

Provo is well known as a “restaurant island” but did you know that some have been there for 20 years or longer?  

Back before Provo was a tourist destination, there was no IGA supermarket, selling smoked salmon and Angus filets. You just picked up what you could at the Simmons General Store (think canned deviled ham) or meet the boat at the docks once a week for fresh produce, but mainly, you rely on what comes from the sea for your protein.

There were various restaurants in Blue Hills where talented locals put on incredible buffets of all kinds of seafood and sides.  

There were also dining facilities at the Island Princess on Grace Bay, which was the first hotel outside of Turtle Cove.  As the years went on, more and more restaurants cropped up around the island. Eventually, in 1999, a young entrepreneur came to Provo with the idea to open an Italian restaurant.  After all, one may grow tired of conch fritters and lobster, right?  However, his hunch was right, and 20 years later, Baci still stands and it’s a successful restaurant at the Turtle Cove marina.

Photo By: The Expenditioners Magazine for Baci-Ristorante

Baci is open for lunch and dinner and they serve just what one would expect from a fine Italian restaurant: antipasti, seafood and meat entrees, pastas, and even pizza.  

“When our family dined at Baci, my kids loved the pizza (you can ask for it to be extra crispy around the edges) and my husband and I got entrees that were delicious.  I had the mushroom rigatoni and my husband got the fresh fish of the day. It was excellent and indeed fresh–as in, it was swimming that morning.  John, the proprietor, runs a tight ship at Baci and if he says the fish is fresh, believe him.  His exacting standards have made Baci one of those restaurants we go to each time we visit the island.  Not every restaurant on the island is as consistent or dependable, since may chefs and proprietors come and go (as you can probably imagine). John is always there, ensuring everything is perfect every time!” – Shandon, TC Villas long-time villa specialist

Congratulations to Baci on 20 years in Provo!

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