Beach Spotlight: Grace Bay Beach

Stunning Grace Bay Beach drone shot.

By now you’ve probably heard about Grace Bay Beach time and time and again -and there are very good reasons for that. It’s consistently ranked amongst the world’s best beaches, voted most romantic destination (among many other awards), and its turquoise blue waters & powder white sands are intrinsically jaw dropping. 

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But, what else is there to it?

Protected Coral Reef systems

Smith’s Reef is located right in front of all our one bedroom villas!

The Turks & Caicos are home to some of the world’s best preserved coral reefs. Because of this Provo’s coastline hosts a vast array of marine life. We get to enjoy this through snorkeling, scuba, boating tours & excursions, and more. Having said that, Grace Bay Beach itself is home to Smith’s Reef -which is the main coral system in TCI (Though not the only one!). It stretches throughout most of Grace Bay and it offers the ideal spot for snorkeling and/or scuba diving. You will find tons of sea turtles (some of which are protected species), over 90 species of rare fish, and unbelievable colors. 

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Turtle Cove neighborhood 

A strip of Grace Bay Beach featuring some of our beachfront villas.

Turtle Cove neighborhood is on the northern coast of Providenciales. It’s where Grace Bay Beach is and it forms what could be considered the main area on the island. It houses the island’s main marina (Turtle Cove Marina) and most of the businesses (restaurants, service providers, etc.). Guests staying in this neighborhood can enjoy walkable distances to some of the best restaurants, hotels and water activities.

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Ambiance and Amenities

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Stretching for around 12 miles, Grace Bay Beach will amaze guests with its white sand and sparkling water; the sheer size of it makes it relatively easy for guests to find a secluded spot and lounge along the shore -A shore where you will find 6 restaurants worth checking out. 

Kid friendly

Grace Bay Beach was voted Most Romantic Beach Destination by World Travel Awards 2018.

If you’re traveling with kids then you’re in for a treat. Grace Bay Beach is such a light shade of blue directly because of its shallow coasts. This is a win-win situation as your kids will be able to enjoy a seemingly endless beach and the rest of us get these beautiful colors that have made TCI so famous. You will also find lots of kid-friendly (water) activities to do as a family, right on Grace Bay Beach.

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Walkable distances

Provo as seen from space! Turtle Cove is featured in this image.

Turtle Cove (being the busiest neighborhood, comparatively) holds the highest concentration of businesses -which in terms means you have more options. Because of this, a car isn’t an absolute necessity, although it is recommended. You can find most things you need in walking distance, but the trip to the supermarket will be a pesky one without a car.

We couldn’t possibly say this is all there is about Grace Bay Beach. For more info contact us and one of our friendly villa specialists will answer any questions.

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