How to Buy a Sail Boat: Considerations & General Info

How to Buy a Sailboat-Considerations

Buying a new or gently used sailboat can be a dream come true, and you may understandably be eager to finalize your purchase and take your vessel on the open waters. Sailing can be a relaxing mode of travel as well as a hobby or pastime that can be enjoyed on a regular basis. Regardless of your reason for purchasing a sailboat, one thing is for certain: You need to find one that will best fit your needs and budget. The following tips will help you make a thoughtful buying decision.

Consider the Size of the Boat

Sailboat sizes can range from less than 15 feet to 60 feet or more. The size of the sailboat will significantly affect its cost and the features available for you to enjoy inside the cabin as well as on the deck. While you may be more comfortable living in or spending time on a larger vessel, it may require additional skills and training to manage. Some boats are so big that they require extra hands on deck and may not be suitable for one person to navigate alone. Furthermore, larger crafts may be more well-suited to travel through the large and turbulent waves found in the open waters of the ocean while a smaller one may be more appropriate for lakes and rivers.

Focus on the Right Type of Sailboat for Your Needs

Another consideration is the type of sailboat that you want to buy; from catamarans and sloops to ketches, catboats, and more, there are many kinds of vessels from which to choose. Explore the layouts and floor plans of different types of vessels as a first step. You may even want to tour a few different options to get a feel for the differences between the boat types.

Define Your Budget

You also need to pay close attention to your budget when making a buying decision. There are two factors to consider: your up-front or buying budget as well as the ongoing cost to own and use the boat. There are great loans available for those purchasing a sailboat, and this can make it easier for you to afford the vessel that you decide to move forward with. Since you most likely want owning a sailboat to be affordable, make sure to keep in mind how the boat loan payment, maintenance fees, boat insurance, marina fees, and more all will impact your monthly budget.

Search Online for the Best Selection

When you make the decision to purchase a new or used sailboat, you should search your local marketplace as well as across the country and beyond. While it’s undoubtedly easier and faster to purchase a sailboat that’s located close to home, you should consider expanding your search if you’re willing to drive or fly a long distance to view the boat in person before buying it. By expanding your search territory, you will have access to a greater number of options. Shopping online is another great way to locate a wider selection of boats and learn more about sailboats for sale in the local market as well as distant markets.

Many people who purchase their own sailboats plan to take it for a vacation cruise, and you can conveniently start planning your adventure today. Keep in mind that you may want to get off the boat from time to time while visiting different islands to stretch your legs and explore the islands in greater detail.

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