Caribbean Travel: Should we book a hotel or villa?

Caribbean Travel Hotel or Villa


Does the idea of having coffee by the pool in your pajamas or grilling fresh-caught fish by the pool while on vacation appeal to you? Do you like privacy? Well, if so, a private rental villa may be for you! Sure, you can stay in a resort or hotel and have your bed made each day or have room service delivered to your door, but then what would you do with that fresh fish and all those people at the pool who’d look at you funny if you showed up in your pajamas? While there are pros and cons to each experience, we must disclose this: we are a bit partial to a private beachfront solo experience.



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Providenciales is a great island for renting a house. One main reason is simple: there are so many wonderful villas from which to choose! Another reason: you may find there are actually savings in doing so. When compared to a hotel room, the per-room cost of a private villa often comes in at a lower price than a resort. When you have your own private home, you have the ability to cook a few meals in throughout the week, rather than relying on restaurants. There is a large American style IGA supermarket that will have whatever you need and no matter where you stay, it’s conveniently located (and open until 10pm!). Also, unless you rent a staffed villa, you don’t pay the service charge (10%) that a hotel or resort will charge.


Probably the main advantage of having a private villa or cottage is privacy. Sure, there are neighbors around, but for the most part, you have your own little section of real estate in paradise for a week. If your villa is beachfront, you’ll likely only run in to a handful of people, rather than the numbers you would in front of a hotel. The reason is simple: less density.


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Still, all this said, the type of traveler who stays in a private home is typically one who’s a bit more independent. At a private home, you don’t have a concierge to book your excursions or dinner reservations, nor do you have activities on-site as you would at some hotels. However, we think that’s one of the best parts of a vacation—figuring out your itinerary! Let’s face it—it’s fun to think about how you want to spend your day! Why defer that to someone else? Our villa specialists are happy to supply names and contacts for whatever excursions you seek. To get there, you’ll most likely need to drive, so part of that independence includes having your own transportation. Yes, you will drive on the left, but getting around is easy.


So, are you ready to try a private villa? We’ll warn you though, once you stay in a villa, it’s hard to return to a hotel!


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Have questions about Caribbean Travel or the Turks and Caicos Islands? One of our villa specialists would love to chat! TC Villas offers beachfront vacation rental villas on the island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. You can find our villas at TC Villas. Contact TC Villas at at  or by phone from 9-5 EST at 1.877.467.4858 to book your perfect beachfront vacation!


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