Why Do Celebrities Flock to the Turks and Caicos?

Why Do Celebrities Flock to the Turks and Caicos Islands?

You’ve Heard of the Turks and Caicos Before…

You scroll through your Instagram feed, and you stop on a picture of a beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear water. You wish more than anything that you could be there.


The caption says Turks and Caicos. Whether you’ve heard of this place or not, trust us when we say that this is the place to take a vacation. It’s the ultimate luxury vacation spot, frequented by celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and countless others.


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There are a few reasons that Turks and Caicos should be your bucket list vacation destination. Let’s take a look at why.


Breathtakingly Beautiful Scenery All Year Round

 Turks and Caicos Beaches


Turks and Caicos features some of the top-ranked beaches in the world. It has long winding shores with clean white sand and turquoise water that you can see all the way through. The water is calm and a fantastic temperature, year-round!


Surrounding the shore is lush greenery with rolling hills and the classic palm trees. There are distinct vegetation zones across the different islands and unique wildlife like colorful birds.


Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is the main island for tourism and hosts a plethora of luxury beachfront vacation rentals perfect for a getaway. From private 1 bedroom romantic villas great for couples to larger 7 bedroom villas perfect for extended family or friend groups, a stand alone private villa is an unforgettable way to spend your next holiday. These villas boast some of the most stunning turquoise views in the world. Walk straight from your private villa onto a powered white sand beach to enter clear Caribbean waters full of wonderful snorkeling!


Exclusive Beauty and Privacy for Your Friends and Family


Turks and Caicos is a great fit for guests who wish for privacy. You can trade off the typical hotel experience (shared pool, no privacy and crowded beaches) for much more private beach experience for you and your friends. Grill your freshly caught fish, take a dip in your own private pool, and share the beach with your group only.

 Isolated Turks and Caicos Beaches


There are world-class restaurants all over this island making is a wonderful destinations for foodies. Excursions can take guests to see beautiful mangrove islands and shipwrecks! It is truly a Caribbean getaway full of turquoise water and rum punch.


Plenty of Things to Do – Horse Rides, Jet Skis, Kite Surfing, Deep Sea Fishing…and More


You think you’ll want to lay on the beach all day, but Turks and Caicos offers tons of wonderful excursions and activities that you won’t want to miss out on!


The good news is that there’s plenty to do. You can sample the fantastic fishing around the island including deep sea fishing. You can also arrange to ride horses along the beach. Turks and Caicos is also an excellent destination for snorkeling and scuba diving, and boasts one of the best kite surfing schools in the world, Kite Provo

Horse Riding in Providenciales Turks and Caicos

(Image taken from Globetrotting Stiletto)

You can rent boats and yachts to take out to sea to spend the day in deeper water. You can also hail a tour guide to take you around the islands for the real Turks & Caicos immersive experience. You can go diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear water, or you can jet ski for a higher energy activity.

 Turks and Caicos Yacht Rentals


The island also hosts several casinos. They have a full set of games and slots, and everything you need to make your stay a little more thrilling. One of our favorites is Casablanca Casino.


Sporty types will find the beautiful islands home to an expansive golf course, which overlooks the water at different points in the course. Provo Golf Club welcomes tourists and also boasts tennis courts!

 Provo Golf Club


If shopping is more your style, there are places to buy signature island clothing, art, jewelry, home furnishings you can have sent back to your home. There are plenty of small shops and open-air markets so you can get your shopping fix in a relaxed and beautiful environment.


Beachfront Restaurants with Freshly Caught Seafood


There are plenty of offerings on each of the islands across a wide range of culinary traditions. If something open air is your style, you can find restaurants practically on the beach and in full view of the natural sites of the island. A local favorite is Da Conch Shack, which boasts freshly caught conch and fish (Snapper) not to mention a killer rum punch.

 Conch Shack in Providenciales


Conch Shack Conches




If you want something romantic, plenty of places offer world-class cuisines by candlelight. We recommend Mango Reef or Baci, both located in Turtle Cove. If casual dining is what you’re looking for, you can mix with the locals in some of the bars and pubs.


The island also has an island-wide fish fry. Every Thursday night, local vendors come together to celebrate island culture and offer some of the best tasting food around. There’s music and dancing, and everywhere you look, there’s fresh seafood.


Seafood vendors prepare all kinds of local seafood caught that day to create unique dishes to share and try. You can find lobster mac and cheese, fresh fish fried on a grill, and a full array of appetizers straight from the ocean.


Each week, a new band takes the stage and entertains while local dancers from the cultural center teach visitors all about culture on the island.




Turks and Caicos is What Comes Up In Google Images for Luxury Vacation..Literally. 

 Google Images Turks and Caicos Result


No matter what you want for a dream vacation, the islands here offer exclusive luxury. You can have the same level of private vacation on white sand beaches with island culture.

Are you planning a vacation to one of the islands? Will you choose the most exclusive accommodations?



We hope this guide helped you understand why Turks and Caicos is one of the most sought after vacation spots in the world. Happy Vacationing!

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