A Day at the Conch Farm

A Day at theConch Farm

The islands of Turks, Caicos and Providenciales, located in the beautiful Caribbean Ocean, have many wonderful attractions that draw visitors to the area each year. The beaches are pristine, the weather is mild year-round, and the people are friendly. Some lesser-known places on the islands offer unique experiences that can’t be had anywhere else. One such place is the Caicos Conch Farm. The farm is the only one of its kind in the world, and the farmers raise everything from conch to different types of native fish. The farm is able to supply many of the local restaurants with fresh, local seafood so that visitors can experience true Caribbean cooking.

The Caicos Conch Farm is located on the beautiful island of Providenciales. The farm has been in continuous operation since 1984; it was developed to maintain the local seafood supply and also provide jobs to those living on the island. The conch farm is located on 10 acres of oceanfront property, giving both visitors and employees a constant view of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The farm also has 65 acres of sub-sea pasture that it leases from the island government.

The Queen Conch is an important part of local culture, but it may be unfamiliar to those who have never been to the Caribbean islands. The conch meat is used in many traditional island dishes and can be prepared in a number of ways. Because of the increase of tourism to the islands, the conch has been in danger of being over-fished in the wild and is currently listed as a commercially endangered species. Due to the status of the conch in the wild, the Caicos Conch Farm has put a plan into place to help the population flourish while still providing a plentiful supply to the local communities.

Visitors to the islands of Turks, Caicos and Providenciales can have a unique experience with a tour of the Caicos Conch Farm. The tour is fun for all ages and provides a way to learn about local wildlife while also seeing the island scenery. Visitors can learn about the interesting growth process of the conch. The farm has a hatchery where visitors can see eggs, an area to view the metamorphosis process of the conch, and an area for post-larval development. Visitors can also see the 80 grow out-ponds and the 150 pens where the animals are kept in the sub-sea pasture.

Visitors to the Caicos Conch farm can also see the state-of-the-art fin fish farming facilities. There is a plan in place called CAICOS CATCH that allows the farm to raise, process and ship several species of fin fish like Cobia, Pompano, Grouper and Snapper. This facility uses innovative submerged cages to ethically farm and transport the fish without endangering the species.

When visiting the tropical paradise islands of Turks, Caicos and Providenciales, be sure to take time to enjoy the local culture. A visit to the Caicos Conch Farm provides guests with an opportunity to see a popular source of seafood and the process by which it is grown. Visitors to the islands can experience everything else the area has to offer like water sports, white sand beaches and island nightlife. Our villas are designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious place to spend your island vacation.

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