How to have an environmentally friendly vacation in paradise

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Turks & Caicos’ incredible tropical landscape is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Getting to experience this paradise can be an incredibly rewarding experience, one that should be protected. In this blog post, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for a green yet, fun tropical vacation.

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Pack light

Part of Turks & Caicos’ appeal comes from its beautiful simplicity. The beaches, the stunning water, the abundant marine life, and the relaxing yet exhilarating feeling of waking up in paradise are all strong selling points for a vacation in TCI; the common denominator between them all is the attire. Swimsuits. You won’t need that extra suitcase full of fancy outfits and hairdryers; just let your hair down (figuratively and literally) and enjoy the liberating feel of “living the beach life”. Most restaurants are happy to welcome you in flip flops and practical beachwear. 

Use eco-friendly sunscreen

It would be a ridiculous statement to recommend not using sunscreen in the Caribbean; however, the main component in traditional sunscreens should be avoided at all cost. Oxybenzone has been used in sunscreens (and other cosmetics) for over 90 years because it absorbs UV light. The unfortunate collateral effect is that it destroys coral reef systems, consequentially disrupting entire habitats -also, not great for your skin either. 

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Consume local products

Consuming local products isn’t just a great way to experience the culture; it also helps the environment by reducing imports and the vast amounts of fuel it takes to ship them to the islands. Having said that, you won’t find tons of local products in TCI; most things are imported, however, you will find some of the most delicious seafood (Conch & Lobster particularly), local beer (Turks Head Brewery), and handcrafted art, perfect for souvenirs. Limiting ourselves to these products whenever possible will help the local economy as much as the environment. Win-Win. 

Chalk Sound is a shallow lagoon perfect for kayaking.

Visit natural reserves

Turks & Caicos has no shortage of wonderful outdoor activities apt for all ages. Snorkeling Smith’s Reef, kayaking Chalk Sound, (among others) aren’t just fun but are also helpful to the habitat itself. Partaking in such tours and activities helps fund the conservation of the tropical paradise we’ve all come to love.

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Be at home at your villa

Unlike a hotel, staying at a villa keeps you in control of the electricity you use, the waste you produce, and the steps you take to minimize your footprint. When staying at one of our villas, you’ll feel at home, and as such, you should take the appropriate measures to help the environment, as you would at home. For instance, turn off all lights and air conditioning units when not in the villa, limit your laundry to what’s necessary, recycle, and don’t be wasteful. 

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Don’t use plastic

This one’s a given; plastic takes 500 years to decompose and it’s almost certain to end up in the ocean where thousands of organisms will die after ingesting it. Not the kind of memories we’re trying to make here. Use glass water bottles, reusable bags, give up using straws, etc. We want these paradisiacal islands to remain as what they are for generations to come. With minor changes in our behavior, we can contribute to the greater good, without sacrificing fun or comfort. 

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