How to Spend a Rainy Day in Provo

We are often asked why the forecast for Providenciales (Provo), Turks and Caicos always indicates rain in the forecast.  While puzzling, it’s true; if you Google the weather on the island, it almost always forecasts rain.  The truth is, Provo is a rather arid island and there’s not a “rainy season.” However, on occasion, rains do occur. Often, the rain will last less than an hour and pass on to show lovely blue skies. But, even if it’s a short rain, it can squash any plans of spending time on the beach.  However, all is not lost; after all, you’re with friends and family and maybe you can turn lemons into lemonade-or at least turn off those pesky electronic devices.

While many activities like playing cards or board games are great options no matter where you are, there are a few unique indoor activities Provo has to offer, such as:

Tour Turks Head Brewery.  Beer tastes great at the beach, no matter what the weather is like. Why not try one that you can’t get in the U.S?  Turks Head Brewery is the only locally brewed beer on Provo and they produce 4 different varieties, as well as occasional seasonal options.  They offer tours at their facility, which can be a fun thing to do (and sample the beer!).  They offer tours 5 days a week at three different times throughout the day, so give them a call and see if you can take a peek.  They also have cool t-shirts for sale, so you can take care of souvenir shopping at the same time.

Turks Head Brewery is the only local brewery in TCI!

Provo is a “restaurant island” and offers over 75 dining spots.  Whether you want to catch a game on TV and have a beer at Danny Buoy’s or enjoy a leisurely lunch under cover at Mango Reef or Las Brisas, while viewing the rain out at sea, lunch on island is a leisurely activity and you won’t feel rushed to finish up and leave.

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Feeling lucky? 

Provo has a casual but elegant, fully staffed casino on Grace Bay, near the hotels and resorts and not only will you not know it’s raining outside, you won’t even know (or care) what time it is.  Casablanca Casino is a sophisticated full casino with pretty much any game you’d want to try, as well as 85 slot machines, if you prefer gambling solo.

If you have any money left after visiting Casablanca, you can lavish those friends and family members you left back home with island souvenirs.  Note: Provo is not the shopping mecca that some Caribbean islands are, but there are some charming boutiques you can pop in and grab something you may not be able to find back home.  There’s some high end shopping, as well as local hats and shells.

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Lastly, if all else fails, go to the spa.  Provo has several wonderful spas and you can either visit their site (often at a resort) or you can call and have services in-house.  The resort spas, such as the one at The Palms or Thalassos spa, offer a full ranges of services.  In-house treatments with Spa Tropique, offer services that are portable.

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