Is Provo the right island for you?

Bird’s eye view of Grace Bay Beach.

Sure, Providenciales offers powder white sands, turquoise waters, balmy breezes, friendly people, fabulous restaurants -sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?  Provo has won countless awards for best travel destination over the years. Believe it or not, though, this island is not for everyone.

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Yes, it’s true, every island in the Caribbean has its own personality and culture -Provo is no exception.

What sets this island apart from many others is as much an appeal to some as a deterrent for others. If you’re looking for plentiful shopping, an all-night bar district, or if you’re put off by bumpy roads, Provo may not be your best option! However, if you like the relaxed environment and can forgive the fact that your lunch bill takes longer than you expect to arrive and settle, the grocery store doesn’t carry the gluten-free pasta you like, or the roads have more potholes than you’re used to, then you may well be a candidate for a trip to Provo! It’s all about expectations.

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So maybe you don’t get 400 channels on TV or the internet goes out for a few hours -Can you make lemonade out of lemons? 

Chalk Sound Bay!

If not, perhaps try doing so with a shot of rum? Let’s face it: no vacation is perfect. Just remember folks, this is the last frontier of the Caribbean and the fact that Provo is still pristine is what brings us back year after year. As we say “it’s not Miami Beach, but you don’t want to go there anyway, right?”

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