Plum Wild

Review of our Stay at Plum Wild in Turtle Cove

Visiting the Turks & Caicos Once Again

After so many years of visiting this island, I’ve seen a lot of change over the past few decades, but I didn’t quite know what to expect when I came to Provo last Saturday with my husband and our two kids (7 and 10).  When we landed, the weather was gorgeous–blue skies, low 80s and a lovely breeze.  ​On the drive from the airport to the house (Plum Wild in Turtle Cove),​ we noticed some older wood frame ​structures ​that sustained some damage from Irma, ​but it was not nearly as bad as the press has led us to believe! 

Plum Wild

When we got to Turtle Cove, we were amazed at how well that part of the island fared.  The landscaping was not as lush as it had been, but we noticed the trees already showing new green shoots and blooms.  Survivors!   There were roofs being repaired, but that was all we saw in need of help, as far as our villas are concerned.  Construction on the new cottages resumed and one was right next to Plum Wild.  Didn’t bother us a bit.  Part of the reason I wanted to stay in Plum Wild, aside from the fact, it’s an incredible property, is that I wanted to experience first hand what the construction was like. Truly, this was just​ not a big deal for my family.  In the mornings, since we do use a/c at night only, it muffled the sound so much it was not an issue.  During the day, we were always out by the pool if we were at home and the sound of the ocean, the pool, our conversations, maybe some music playing, we really didn’t notice the construction.  You can see it if you look over the side by the grill, but that’s not the natural angle you’d view.

Castaway Vs Plum Wild

Two years ago, I stayed at the chic and luxurious Castaway and really didn’t think it could get any better than that and I’m still not sure it does!  After all, what’s not to like??  Castaway was, in our opinion, a perfect house.  However, for smaller groups who don’t need 5 bedrooms, Plum Wild is a wonderful and very comparable alternative.  Two bedrooms were all we needed and when our kids walked through the front door, they squealed with excitement!  I managed to suppress my squeal, but my enthusiasm certainly matched theirs.  WE THOUGHT THIS HOUSE WAS AWESOME.  Both bedrooms had a king bed and great bathrooms and regardless of view, they are equal masters, in my opinion.  Upstairs, where we spent most of our time of course, was beyond perfect.  The house feels more like you’re on the water rather than on the beach–like being on a boat.  I’ve never stayed anywhere with more ocean around it!  Plum Wild is much of the reason we loved this trip so much, to be honest!

We were on island for just 4 nights and we made the very most of our time.  

​While new deposits of sand cover some of the rock directly in front, there is some rock still there to be aware of, but we

 all got in and snorkeled and enjoyed the crystal clear water–it was not murky, nor was there algae, as some mention as a possibility.  None of that, just fabulous, crystal clear blue water!

Dining at Mr. Groupers and Kin Khao

We dined in a couple of times, but mostly had lunch and dinners out and we left the island without trying over half of the restaurants that we wanted to try!  We simply cannot leave the island without grilled grouper at Mr. Groupers, which never fails to delight.  Mango Reef is a relatively new addition to Turtle Cove and since we’ve been to Baci and Sharkebite many times and already knew they were great, we decided to try Mango Reef, which was excellent and the prices were reasonable.  Our biggest surprise was the little Thai restaurant on Leeward Highway called Kin Khao, which by looking at it, you’d probably not be inclined to stop.  However, I highly encourage you to do so: it’s excellent.  In fact, it’s the best Thai food we’ve had in a long time and we live in Atlanta, where there are some great restaurants.  They offer take out and the prices are very reasonable too.

Parasailing and Pony Riding

We went parasailing with Captain Marvin’s, which was such a highlight!  The kids loved it and there’s really nothing else on island like that, so it was a “must do” and Marvin, the proprietor, is so lovely, you wish the trip was longer, if only to enjoy his company.

Provo Ponies was also a hit!  We took the horses out to Long Bay Beach, which looks good as well, especially once the seaweed is scraped off the beach, which is not major surgery.  The ride was about an hour and the staff there was top notch!

We were a couple of days too early to enjoy Sail Provo or Sun Charters, but since we’ve done that before, we know we can recommend them with utmost confidence and were sad to leave without having done it 🙁

What Provo Means to Our Family

We already miss Provo and all the wonderful people who call it home.  I never once felt even remotely unsafe and in fact, people seemed friendlier than ever and grateful for our visit to the island!  I had some extra room in one of our suitcases, so I brought down some clothes we outgrew or don’t wear anymore ​and gave them to kids on the island who may be able to use them and that felt good.  For an island that has offered me such joy over the years, it was the least I could do for the people of this sweet little island.  If you’re going down in the next few months and have the room in your luggage, that’s a great way to give away anything you can no longer use that may make a difference to someone with less….

Shandon has loved the Turks and Caicos from a very young age, she 1st visited as a small girl with her family back when the island had only one hotel and a population of less than 500 people! Many of the villas on island (including many on our site) were built by her family! Shandon is very happily married with 2 young children, Anderson and William, who also love the Turks & Caicos and always look forward to their trips!

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