Must-Pack Items for a Providenciales Vacation

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Traveling to Provo? Don’t pack hard, pack smart. If possible, try not to bring cumbersome checked luggage. You will get through the airport faster without it and frankly, this is a casual island -nobody will care (or notice) if you wear the same thing twice. Plus, there are washers/dryers in every one of our villas & cottages – so, you’ll go by just fine with a light, practical pack.


Turks and Caicos are part of the BWI (British West Indies) so, a valid passport (for at least 6 months) is required for all visitors, regardless of age. It is recommended to make a copy of your passport and to keep it somewhere safe.  In the event your ID is lost, the local embassy will be able to direct you further.

Cascade -Beachfront on Babalua Beach, Providenciales

Sun Protection

The Caribbean Sun can be intense and even though a splash in the water can help – it won’t, however, block out those pesky UV rays. So make sure to bring the following:

  • – Sunscreen (don’t forget lip balm with SPF)
  • – Sunglasses
  • – Summer Clothes (Dresses are great for women!)
  • – Bathing suits/cover-ups (at least 2 to prevent having to put back on a soggy suit)
  • – Sun Hats
  • – Beach bag (you’ll need one just for beach supplies)
  • – Sandals/water shoes
  • – Mosquito Repellent
Castaway -Beachfront on Thompson Cove, Providenciales

Daily Attire

Turks & Caicos receive just about 15 days of rain every year -let that soak in (pun very much intended). For the most part, we get to bask in the sunshine. Having said that, we recommend including (some of) the following:

  • – Sundress (ladies)
  • – Shorts (ladies)
  • – Breathable cotton blouse (ladies)
  • – T-shirts (gents)
  • – Board Shorts (gents)
  • – Cotton Long Sleeves (gents)
The view from Miami Vice One, Sapodilla Bay

Dinner Attire

The temperature in Provo remains in a steady 75° – 85° F range. At night, particularly during winter, the drop in temperature can merit a light jacket. Other than that, you are welcome to wear the same type of clothing you would during the day. As we’ve mentioned before, casual is welcomed everywhere.

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Personal Grooming

Ladies, Provo is humid -it stays somewhere around 80% humidity to be precise. So this might be the perfect time to leave the curlers at home and embrace that beach lifestyle and everything that it entails. You should also leave all expensive jewelry at home -the water is crystal clear, but it will still be difficult to fetch expensive earnings from the bottom of the ocean floor.

Impulse Beach Estate


You’re going to want to document this amazing experience, so make sure to bring a camera (bonus points if you bring an underwater case). It wouldn’t’ hurt to bring a book or two -the serenity of the landscape will entice you to relax in a hammock with a book in hand. Last but not least, bring snorkel equipment (if you don’t want to rent) so that you can take a good look at some of the 90 species of rare fish swimming in the vicinity.

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Most villas offer a phone with free local calls, but keep in mind that as soon as the plane lands and you turn your cell phone on, it will begin international roaming. This can be very costly and the charges add up quickly. Call your cell phone provider prior to your trip to find out about international roaming options. Most cell phone providers offer an international data package which will allow you to inexpensively access the data plan you have back home.

And there you have it! Just make sure not to forget the bag itself 😉

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