Photography Tips For Your Next Vacation

Conch Beach Villa‘s views to Grace Bay Beach.

Visiting a place like Turks & Caicos demands good photos. Trust us, you’ll want them! Being immersed in a tropical paradise with your loved ones will be a memory you’ll want to re-visit. In this blog post we’ll go over some photography tips and tricks.

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In an ideal world, you’d have your own DSLR camera and an underwater case to capture some of the vast marine life you’re sure to encounter whilst in Provo. If not, worry not; cellphones today have better software than the best camera of 10 years ago. So, having said that, a recent cellphone with an underwater case can be more than enough. 

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Miami Vice Two offers the ideal vantage point for a worthy sunset shot.

One of the most important factors in taking a good photo is the light source. How intense is it? Where is it coming from? Is it causing harsh shadows? These are all questions that should be answered before pressing the shutter button. Turks & Caicos typically offers 350 days of sunlight every year. This is a great thing, but one that should be taken into consideration when taking photos. The ideal time for outdoor photography in a place like TCI would be any time after4 pm. This way you avoid any harsh shadows, overwhelming sunlight, and unflattering squinting faces.

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Notice how not all of Caicos Cays‘ pool is shown in this picture; a lot of it is left to the imagination.

When surrounded by an infinite tropical paradise, it can be a tough job choosing where to focus your attention. It’s intuitive to want to capture as much of the landscape as possible, but this isn’t always the best approach. Before you press the shutter, think about what are the important elements in the surroundings. Nine times out of ten you’ll be better off with a composition that only shows some elements and leaves the rest to the imagination.

Provo’s setting

Grace Bay Beach is TCI’s most treasured gem.

Providenciales has some of the world’s best beaches surrounding its 4 sides. With bright turquoise waters and powder white sand shorelines as far as the eye can see, you’ll find yourself in a picture worthy moment nearly every second of every day. Position your subjects in front of the water, find an elevated spot, and capture the stunning beaches in an everlasting memory.

Outdoor photography 

It was too sunny when taking this shot, so we had our subject not face the camera.

When taking pictures outside, you’re at the mercy of the elements; don’t fight them; instead figure out how to use them in your favor. Rain, bright sunlight, wind, and backlight effect, are all factors that can be an inconvenience, they can also add a bit of drama to your shots. So, learn how to use them in your advantage and you’ll see the difference. 

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Everyone is on their own plane, so we get a much more dynamic shot.

When you’re asking everyone to line up for a picture, avoid having them stand in a straight horizontal line. Get them to place themselves in such a way that everyone’s face is in a different plane. If you’re traveling with a fun and enthusiastic bunch, ask them to give you their most organic pose. It’s important everyone feels comfortable, as the photo will reflect this. Take these tips into consideration and you’ll enjoy a much more dynamic shot.

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Don’t forget, you’re in paradise!

Beachfront Villa Aquazure‘s private strip of beach. Great spot for some unique photos!

At the end of the day, you’re still surrounded by the immense beauty of Providenciales, so you’re set in the ideal place for great photography. Use this to your advantage; factor in the above mentioned tips and tricks, and you’ll be looking at some photos that are worth their weight in gold. 

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