Private Villa or Resort – What is better for your Vacation?

As you plan your next vacation, you’ll most likely encounter countless lodging choices. Resorts and villas are the most common selections from which to choose from. In fact, you might be comparing these options so that you can make a reservation several months before your trip. When trying to choose between vacation villas and resorts, your personal needs will help you make a decision.

Private Spaces

Renting a villa is almost the equivalent of living in a new home for a short time. Private spaces (to call your own) are present both inside and outside the property. Our villas come with a patio and pool area so that you can have your own private getaway. Villa sizes can range from one bedroom romantic cottages for two to 7+ bedrooms perfect for a large family or friend gathering. Enjoy your group in a private setting and choose to go out to restaurants if you find yourself in a social mood!

Cooking Options

For the most part, resorts provide bed, bathroom, and desk areas. You’re expected to eat out for every single meal. Take control of your vacation by cooking up a storm in your own villa. This property type usually comprises large residences, which means that a kitchen is almost always included. There is a barbecue on the patio of each villa to enhance your cooking experience.  Stock the refrigerator on the first day to save money on meals throughout the trip.

Daily or Weekly Rates

Paying a daily rate at a resort is common, but these prices can quickly add up. When you book a villa, however, the pricing structure is much more straightforward: You simply pay for one week at a time. These rates are normally rounded to an even number so that they can be easily calculated. You can view the year at a glance as the villa posts available and unavailable dates. Each week is clearly marked with a specific rate so that you can pick the time that works for your budget.

Award-winning beaches

Providenciales is home to the hallmark of the Turks & Caicos -Grace Bay Beach. Winner of countless awards and consistently voted amongst the world's best beaches.

Groups Welcome

Booking a group at a resort can be challenging since finding rooms that are connected to one another on the same floor can be difficult at any property. With villas, however, there are no floor layouts to figure out. All you need to do is simply choose the number of rooms that will accommodate your group. It’s possible for a villa to have more than six rooms, which can house a large group that wants to vacation together. Splitting the cost of the villa will make your trip even more affordable.

Time Constraints Controlled

Aside from the initial check-in and checkout times, villas don’t have time constraints. Wake up whenever you please, relax at the property, and no one will knock on your door. Resorts have staff that will keep you on a time schedule that may not work for your comfort level. If you truly want to achieve the ultimate relaxation, create your own vacation schedule at a villa. The experience will leave you wanting more days at the property.

Home Away From Home

Resort differences are obvious when you compare them to a villa that has all of the comforts of home. A washer and dryer is normally part of the villa experience so that you can have clean clothes throughout the trip. Enjoy tropical breezes through the villa with ceiling fans, or turn on the air conditioning when you desire cooler temperatures. Resorts don’t offer these flexible choices, which can leave you stuck in a room with only air conditioning and no open windows.

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