Romantic Honeymoon: 3 Villas to Spark the Passion

As the Caribbean’s Most Romantic Beach Destination (by World Travel Awards), Provo is second to none when it comes to romantic getaways to a tropical paradise. With the plethora of vacation destinations to choose from, Providenciales (Provo), Turks and Caicos Islands offers unparalleled vacation rentals perfect to reconnect. Privacy, luxury, and adventure: the perfect combination to reconnect with your better half. Provo offers vacationers tons of ways to enjoy much-needed couple’s time in the warm sunshine. In this blog post, we’ll go over (some) of our top 3 villas for an unforgettable romantic getaway.


Callaloo Cottage is a private one-bedroom beachfront villa on Grace Bay Beach. As the last villa on the beach before the beautiful canal, this villa offers privacy and a spacious pool deck. Guests happen to love the small quaint cove right next to this villa set next to picturesque sea rocks (perfect for cute romantic pictures!). Smith’s Reef sits right outside and offers an ideal spot to discover Provo’s magical underwater world. Unwind in the beachside hammock, large enough to fit two for some breezy snuggles. While the sunny days bring tons of adventure, the starry nights can awe any couple into a contemplative soulful conversation. The lack of ambient light allows for world-class stargazing. (Pro-tip; download a stargazing APP to learn the constellations in the balmy Caribbean night.)

Miami Vice One

Miami Vice One features direct water access to the calm and beautiful waters of Sapodilla Bay. This private and secluded location is a favorite amongst couples as it features stunning sunsets (southwest facing villa) over the horizon, plenty of fun water activities (paddle boarding, kayaking, jet-skiing, swimming, etc.), and the convenience of one restaurant within walking distance -Las Brisas on Chalk Sound. Sapodilla Bay Beach awaits a comfortable walk or swim away from your private villa. Sit back and enjoy the gentle lapping of the waves as you bury your feet in soft-powder white sands.

Water, Sea, and Ocean Edge Villas

Water, Ocean, and Sea Edge Villas are a trio of virtually identical beachfront villas on Grace Bay Beach. Set within walking distance to 6 restaurants, bars, tour operators, the island’s main marina, and Smith’s Reef (the best snorkeling spot in the country!), guests are in for convenience, beauty, and tons of fun under the sun. These villas feature a modern and luxurious design with a large master bedroom equipped with a tub overlooking Grace Bay Beach -perfect for relaxing with incredible views of the horizon. Grace Bay Beach offers 12 miles of walkable sands ideal for a morning jog, lounging under the Caribbean sun, and enjoying the Caribbean’s Most Romantic Destination.

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