TC Villas Picks: Our Favorite Restaurants

Guests are always asking us about the best spots to eat on island, and we are happy to help! We have all had great dining experiences in Provo, and love to share these fond memories of delicious food and great drinks. In this blog post, we each go over our favorite restaurants.

Dan's Pick: Mr Grouper’s

Many restaurants on Provo have magical settings, some located on a hilltop overlooking the marina and the sea beyond, others overlooking the beautiful water of Chalk Sound, and many sitting on the number #1 beach in the world (Grace Bay Beach). Mr. Grouper’s, my favorite restaurant, is located inland next to a gas station and across the street from a shuttered restaurant. You don’t go here for the view.

You will quickly forget about the view as you taste your first bite of Coconut Crusted Grouper. I do not have words to describe this creation but will say that each of the other 7 guests at the table that ordered the Coconut Crusted Grouper (at my suggestion) said it was BY FAR the best fish they have ever had. WARNING – from this moment forward and for the rest of your life, you will compare every fish you eat to this. None will compare, so think carefully before you go to Mr. Grouper’s!

Archie’s Pick: Mango Reef

Set right in the Turtle Cove Marina, within a short walk to all of our Grace Bay Beach villas, Mango Reef is a delightful open-aired restaurant serving excellent local cuisine. I’ve been here many times and can honestly say that I’ve always loved each and every dish I’ve ordered. I do have to admit that I have not ordered anything that didn’t come from the sea. After all, this is a tropical island boasting abundant marine life but what’s more important, beef and other protein are typically imported whilst seafood is local & fresh. It’s a no-brainer to me! 

Shandon’s Pick: Coco Bistro

Coco Bistro is perhaps the island’s most popular restaurant -travelers looking to dine here are expected to book a table with as much as 3 weeks in advance (YIKES!). The food is excellent and the setting is absolutely lovely as you dine amongst the palm trees in an open-aired area. It is on the pricier side so beware. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it! As with most other local restaurants, the seafood is really what stands out. 

You can access a full list of all our favorite restaurants through this link

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