TC Villas Spotlight: Villa Balinese, the Goddess of Turtle Tail

Balinese $ shot
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So you’ve got your family of 6 on board to travel to Provo, but trying to find a great villa to stay in is a bit like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears.  It seems all of the cool villas are either way too large (6 bedrooms, $19,000????  really?) or too small (one bedroom modern gem, but only enough room for 2….).   Well, perhaps we can uncover that needle in the haystack for you: Villa Balinese!

balinese interior

Villa Balinese is that rare villa with a  perfect mix of what makes Provo world famous; the breathtaking views of the turquoise sea and ultimate privacy to un-wind.   The minute you walk in to this villa, there is not doubt you’ve arrived at a tropical destination: you are basically knocked over with views of turquoise water, as far as the eye can see.  It’s like being put in a trance.  All you can hear is….what’s that?  NOTHING!  You’ve reached Utopia…’ve left the crying babies at the airport and the taxi drivers squabbling over a parking space, and that eerie sound of silence is deafening.  This is peace like you never imagined.

balinese thatched roof

Oh, and let’s not forget the fabulous decor!  The Balinese inspired design lends itself to a very tidy and edited look.  Forget the juvenile seashell and fish theme that’s been done to death–this is sophisticated and all grown up.  The kitchen you swore you’d never use, is so modern and chic, it now inspires aspirations of fish and lobster dinners, followed by something flambeed, of course!

balinese master
The inviting water below practically shouts at you to indulge in a swim.  And don’t worry about having to think about folks around you getting in your way….you have the ultimate in privacy here at Villa Balinese.  It’s like having this part of the island all to yourself. So, if you yearn for a vacation, away from chaos, Legos on the floor, or the annoying traffic signal on the corner, consider Balinese.
balinese aerial
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Click here to see more information about this amazing villa!

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