The Best Beach Hacks for Families

The beach is there to help us unwind, de-stress, and propel us towards mindfulness. But going to the beach with children or teens can sometimes offer challenges! In this blog post, we’ll go over a list of beach hacks to make your time under the sun all but stress-free!

Baby Powder

  • For sandy feet or bodies, sprinkle baby powder over the sandy skin and the sand will fall right off! Baby powder absorbs the wetness which makes sand stick.

Gallon of water in the car

  • I witnessed one of the best beach hacks for babies in Puerto Rico and it has stuck in my head ever since! I watched as the mother let her toddler play in the sand and get as sandy and dirty as the child wanted (the toddler was in heaven!) As they were ready to depart the mother took off the babies clothes, brought out a gallon of clean water and held the child on her hip as she dumped the water all over them both! The child laughed and loved it, but most importantly was super clean and ready to be toweled off and taken home 🙂


  • There are lots of collapsable tents that fold quite small. These can be perfect for infants and toddlers to get breaks from the sun or nap. There are battery-powered fans you can bring to make sure the tent is cool.

Surfer Clothes

  • Lots of time in the Caribbean has taught this paled-skin guy a thing or two…I always wear a surfer rash guard, hat, and sunglasses to the beach. For children, it is so much easier to dress them like this than have to constantly reapply sunscreen! If your local store doesn’t have these in stock before your vacation, you can find them online or on Amazon.

Phones in Ziploc

  • Keeping your phones in Ziploc bags is not only great to prevent water damage, and can get into the small nooks and crevices and cause damage. Keep each phone in its own small Ziploc bag (touch screen will still work if you pull the bag tight.)

Aloe Vera

  • Growing up in the mojave desert in Southern California, we had this cactus growing in the yard! My grandfather would cut open the leaves and extract the gel for our sunburns as kids 🙂 This cactus is a wonder for sunburns or burns of any kind! You can also buy it in gel form, but its also a great plant to have around the house since it cleans air as well.

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