The Villa Experience: Clean, Private, and Unique

Traveling will undoubtedly remain an essential part of being alive. The thrill of new experiences and the need to relax & unplug (among many other reasons) cements the act of traveling as one the most desirable activities in one’s year -in some cases, one’s lifetime! Having said that, we have strong evidence to suggest that the travel industry is undergoing changes in almost every dimension. In this blog post, we’ll go over how the private villa experience will be the new ideal way to vacation.


Now that cleanliness is more important than ever, staying in a hotel or cruise ship could pose some unnecessary health risks. Our private villas feature a professional staff dedicated to the maintenance, general cleaning, and the thorough disinfection of the property. Our strict check- in/check-out policies enable us to allocate the necessary amount of time to properly turn the villa over with maximum efficiency.

Sample Itinerary – A Trip to Provo with the Family


We have strong evidence to suggest that travelers are now looking to avoid crowded spaces more than ever. Staying at a villa as opposed to a hotel ensures that everyone around you is a welcomed guest. Social isolation with a familiar twist!

Longer Stays; Close to home

Research suggests that travelers are leaning towards longer stays, closer to home. Sitting just off the US East Coast, our villas in Turks & Caicos represent the (new) ideal vacation spot. Weeklong stays, close to home, and away from the crowds -just right!

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