Tips and Tricks for Mosquitoes

Tips & Tricks-Mosquitoes

When you go on a tropical vacation, a new world opens up for your exploration. Part of this world, however, includes bothersome mosquitoes when you visit warmer climates. Your vacation can be the thrill of a lifetime if you take some preparation now. Consider these tips and tricks that will fend off the mosquitoes while you enjoy the warm sun.

Relying on Chemicals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still advise travelers to use DEET as a main preventive measure against mosquitoes. Scientists have been using this particular chemical in numerous studies, and it continues to be effective against these pests. Simply apply the substance according to the directions. It’s harmless to your skin when it’s applied in a fine layer. Only reapply it when it’s worn off, which can be after several hours of sweating in the sun. Ideally, spread sunscreen on your skin and then add the DEET as a top layer. With this strategy, you can protect your skin from sunburn and potential pests.

Natural Oil Choices

According to Mercola, there are many alternatives to DEET products. In fact, an Australian research team in 2014 found that lemon-eucalyptus oil can protect your skin for about three hours. If you’re taking a walk or planning a hike, this oil can be a perfect addition to your backpack. Other effective oils include catnip, citronella, vanilla and cinnamon leaf. A positive side effect to these mosquito repellents is the fact that they smell good, which gives you a pleasant smell as you explore the islands. It’s also possible to mix these oils together so that you can reap the benefits of a more unique scent on your skin while warding off pests.

Protect Your Skin

Although DEET and oils are the best ways to protect your skin, basic clothing is also an option. You may not want to expose your skin to the sun’s strong rays all day long as you explore the islands. As a solution, wear lightweight and long-sleeved shirts. Airy pants are also a good choice because all your main skin sections are covered. Ideally, use the clothing to protect your torso and limbs while using minute amounts of oil or DEET on exposed areas, such as your hands and face. You might even feel cooler with lightweight clothing on because the sun isn’t directly striking your skin.

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Consider Your Environment

Traveling to exotic places is part of the vacationing fun, but you still need to use your common sense as you roam around these interesting islands. If you notice standing water, such as along a roadway or in a tiny pond, it can be a haven for mosquito larvae. Try to visit areas that are free from any standing water. Larvae need these calm waters to grow and develop into adults. If you notice any standing water in your immediate vicinity, make it a point to move to a different location. Avoiding mosquito breeding grounds is just as important as repelling them with clever skin protectants.

Sleep Tight

When you visit a tropical paradise, always select accommodations that are well built. Your sleeping quarters should have tight screens on the windows with a choice of air conditioning or fresh air. If you notice a screen with some tears or holes, notify the building’s manager. It should be fixed as soon as possible.

Bring along your mosquito repellent and a smile because your tropical vacation will be an unforgettable one. Pick out your accommodations well before you arrive too. 

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