Turks & Caicos travel post-COVID: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. As is the case with most other travel destinations, Turks & Caicos requests its visitors to purchase travel insurance that covers COVID-19 medical costs, hospitalization, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and medevac/ambulance. TCI Safe offers travel insurance (which covers these requirements) and is endorsed by the government.

Do I need COVID testing?

Yes. Guests will need to take a PCR test from an accredited laboratory within 5 days of their arrival. It’s important to note that antigen and antibody tests will not be accepted. There are many options to approach this. TCI Safe also offers COVID testing with a guaranteed turnaround of 48 hours. Through TCI Safe, your results are automatically uploaded to the TCI Assured portal for a smoother process. Alternatively, you can contact your local hospital and schedule a test or search online for mail-order testing.

• Labcorp – https://tinyurl.com/y7zzzsdq

• TCI Safe – https://tcisafe.com

Do I need to quarantine on arrival?

No. Before you board the plane to Provo you must have already uploaded all your TCI Assured documentation (and have it in printed form too!). Having said that, there will not be a mandatory quarantine since you will have proof of your health. 

What regulations will I face on the island?

Starting on the 28th of August up until the 15th of September business and restaurants will close at 8:00 pm. From 7:00 pm onwards, there will be a limit of 10 people per bar/restaurant. Wearing a mask in public places and keeping 6 feet distance to strangers is also mandatory. It’s important to note that relaxing in your private pool or lounging by the beach does not require the use of a mask. 

Will businesses be operational?

Yes. Many of our favorite bars, restaurants, and tour operators are welcoming travelers as usual! With great availability and the most attractive rates in years, the fun by the sun awaits. 

Will I still find fun things to do?

Certainly. Regulations or not, Providenciales remains paradise on earth. As such, guests will enjoy the immersive tropical experience TCI is so known for, the privacy of their luxury vacation rental, and the magic of the world’s most sought after beaches. Paradise awaits!

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