Wake to Wake Watersports: What’s it like?

The following is from a TC Villas interview conducted with Wake to Wake Watersports, in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

When did Wake to Wake get started in TCI?

-Wake to Wake officially started operating in November, 2017. It has been the product of a lot of planning and preparation for many years.

-Mark and Nat have over 13 years experience operating on the waters of Turks & Caicos. They are constantly finding new places to explore and activities to offer in order to keep their guests up to date with all the fun stuff.

Tell me a little bit about Wake to Wake, what you guys do and how you came to be on this island? 

-Wake to Wake is the product of 2 guys wanting to have as much fun as possible and share our experiences with as many people as possible. We love what we do and are proud to say that everyone we take out on the boat loves it as much as us. For those not able to come out with us we like to share all of our day-to-day activities on instagram @waketowaketc so no-one misses out.

-Nat moved here 8 years ago as a dive instructor and has a deep passion (no pun intended) for anything above/below the water. Mark moved here 5 years ago after visiting Turks & Caicos with his family multiple times. He immediately fell in love with these beautiful islands and loves showing guests what makes this place so special.

What would a typical day with Wake to Wake be like?

-There isn’t really a ‘typical day’ with Wake to Wake as we always try to tailor the day to each group’s needs. We offer a wide variety of activities, from relaxing on a secluded beach, to adrenaline-pump-inducing cliff jumping, wake boarding and more!

Can you describe a typical wake boarding excursion experience for our guests?

-A typical wake-boarding charter would begin with a beach pickup from your villa followed by a short cruise to tranquil waters. Once we arrive at our calm spot we then begin with the instructions and a short demo if the guests require one. We have top of the range boards and lifejackets for every size -and, we’re confident with our instructions and equipment you will have an unforgettable experience.

People all over the world talk about the water of the Turks and Caicos. To you, what makes the water so special here?

-We often ask our guests to compare the waters here to other places they have visited and they always say the same thing -“You can’t beat Turks & Caicos’ waters!” We have operated in this area for many years now and it has become our second home.

-What makes the waters here so special has to be our frequent dolphin interactions. It’s always such an awesome experience getting to swim or surf with Jojo or one of his friends.

Are there any physical exercises you would recommend for guests to practice in the weeks prior to their vacation and wake boarding excursion?

-Wake-boarding, surfing, skiing and all the activities we offer can be learned quickly and easily behind our boat. We are confident with our guidance you will be able to learn a new sport. Youtube is always a great source of info if you’d like to get a few tips before coming out with us, but it is by no means a necessity -we offer all instructions and equipment needed in order to get riding for the first time.

For somebody that might be a little nervous trying water sports for the first time, -what would you tell them?

-You are in very safe hands when learning with us. We are certified divers, lifeguards, CPR/First Aid-trained and much more. We also provide lifejackets and are happy to jump in the water with you and make the experience as comfortable as possible. Most of our guests are first timers so we know all the tips & tricks to help get you up and riding for the first time.

What activity do you suggest for people that have never done water sports but would like to try?

-Those wanting to learn a new skill we would definitely start with wake-surfing. It is the slowest sport (riding around 10mph) and it’s the easiest to get up and ride. If the guests are just wanting to have some fun without training we would suggest tubing, or riding the Sub-wing (wings that “fly” under water) -these are apt for all ages and skill levels.

For visitors that are not into action heavy water sports, what do you guys offer?

-We offer snorkelling, riding the sub-wing, cruising, and private beach escapades. We know where all the best shell hunting takes place, snorkel spots and secret gems Turks & Caicos has to offer.

What other excursions would you recommend to a family?

-This can rely heavily on the family -we usually chat on the phone or email with our guests prior to booking to get an idea of what activities they’d like to do. If the family is adrenaline seeking we can bring the tube, wakeboards and do some cliff jumping! If it’s a family wanting some peace and quiet we can do some snorkelling, sub-wing and shell hunting (on secluded beaches). We are confident with all the activities we offer that we will have something to suit everyone’s needs.

Do you have any memorable experiences or stories that stand out while working here?

-Every time Jojo the Dolphin comes to say hi. It’s always an unforgettable experience. We have had him surfing, swimming and sub-winging with our guests many times before. It’s clear from everyone’s reactions that these interactions will be lifelong memories.

What is the best part of your job? What gets you excited in the morning before you go to work?

-The best part of our job is meeting all our guests. We love the variety of people that come out with us -from families to groups of Spring Breakers. Every charter is different and we love finding the activity that puts a smile on someone’s face. The cheers from the whole family when their son/daughter gets up surfing for the first time or the excitement of spotting Jojo the Dolphin are just some of the amazing memories we get to share with our guests.

Can you describe to someone who isn’t familiar with TCI -why is it an ideal setting for wake boarding and other water excursions?

-The crystal clear waters and frequent dolphin interactions make TCI one of the best places in the world to do water-sports. Don’t just take our word for it though; check out our social media with some of the world’s best wakeboard and surf athletes riding behind our boat.

You can learn about Wake to Wake Watersports and find more of their beautifully captured water photos by visiting their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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